Trump’s Vatican Visit Gave Us The Best Memes Of His Presidency So Far

Pope Francis Owned The Spotlight

After visiting Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia and visiting some sacred sites in Jerusalem, President Donald Trump concluded his “tour of world religions” at the Vatican, where he finally met Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic Church on Wednesday, May 24.

Trump called the 30-minute meeting “fantastic,” which you may think by seeing pictures of the two leaders smiling, but we think that may be only protocol.

Image Credit: AFP / Getty Images

There are some other photos and videos rolling around the internet that show the Pope not having exactly a good time. He seems rather unpleased, actually.

A particular photo caught the Internet’s attention from the Vatican visit

In this picture, the presidential family poses next to the Pope. It seems that the only one there having a good time is Trump. His wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, are wearing an all black outfit and a black veil, as dictated by tradition, but their way-too-serious expressions would make you think they are attending a funeral, instead. To bring even more drama to the photo, take a look at the Pope’s face.

Image Credit: Evan Vucci / AP

And as you may have expected, Internet users didn’t let the opportunity slip away and owned the photo to create the most hilarious – and cinematic – memes you’ll see in a while. 

We missed that shot from ‘The Godfather Part III’

A user suggested that the picture looks straight out from a scene of the Corleone family crime drama, and we couldn’t agree more.

An ‘Addams Family’ Portrait

Another user sets the ‘Addams Family’ theme song to the photo. Just imagine it. It get’s better as the song goes on.

This is how a sitcom starred by the Pope would look like

This one is pure gold. The Pope is now starring his own series and has some serious explaining to do.

‘The Omen’ kid fits perfectly in

Someone photoshop the kid from ‘The Omen’ and he looks just where he belongs.

It gets scarier than that

If the kid from ‘The Omen’ wasn’t enough, take a look at this photo that includes the twins from ‘The Shining’ and the creepy nun from ‘The Conjuring.’ It’s spooky, I know, but c’mon, this looks like a movie I wouldn’t miss for anything.

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