Top 7 Myths About Writing in College

Top 7 Myths About Writing in College
Dan Dimmock

There are many misconceptions about the educational process, and writing is no exception. In our article, we decided to sort out why completing texts is challenging for students. Mostly, these terrifying things are myths that every student should consider and push out of their heads. Are you still feeling bad about coping with your writing task? Asking a reliable expert, “Can you write an essay for me online?” is not a big deal today. Meanwhile, read our seven myths to avoid before writing your project on any subject.

1. Too boring.

If you only want to start writing your essay in a pensive mood, you have a low chance of completing it successfully. Any topic can be inspiring; the only thing you need to do is to find correct sources. The same subject could be taught differently. Just pay attention to how two different teachers interpret the same topic. Indeed, you can’t feel the atmosphere like in class, and this is one of the most significant disadvantages of e-learning. Still, you can always contact your teacher online and define something interesting about the topic you process.

2. Time-consuming.

Time management is crucial for every student, and we recommend beating the myth that writing takes too much time. For instance, you might think that a complex topic requires long research or the approach to the paper should be thoroughly elaborated. We are ready to beat this myth down and show you that even tricky essay writing tasks can be finished on time. Make correct priorities and see when you can proceed with your research. Then dedicate the exact amount of time to writing the essay’s first draft.

Compare your leisure activities to the studying process. See how you can add more joy while writing your essay. Unless you wisely organize your time, your essay will take much of it. Consequently, take breaks and look for extra information, but keep going without distractions so you can finish your piece earlier than you think.

3. It is only for smarty pants.

The most erroneous belief is that an essay is a task that only nerds can cope with. Still, it is not true! One of the purposes of writing in college is to demonstrate your ability to analyze. It doesn’t mean you need to read dozens of books to write just one essay. You can rely on knowledge you’ve already gained in other classes or present your experience in a specific field. Just don’t underestimate your personal viewpoint even if you think you know less than your classmate.

4. It is only for scores.

Thinking that you’re writing your essays only for good marks from teachers deprives your creativity. Get rid of the belief that writing will not bring, to write an assignment, you should read more relevant literature, getting acquainted with videos, interviews, statistics, and documents about your subject. Based on this, you increase your knowledge and memorize it better by writing in your essay. Who knows, but any subject you write about could play a central role in solving issues in your profession.

5. Someone can do it better.

Comparing your works to others is a losing game. Remember that every viewpoint is unique, so you don’t need to worry about it. Even if you think you need to work more on grammar, punctuation, or spelling issues, you are not the only one, as everyone faces their own challenges while writing an assignment.

When your teacher has assigned the same topic for all classes, don’t think about being impressive. Define what is most inspiring about the specific subject for you. No one can repeat your success if you focus on personal goals. Define what’s the most important idea you want to deliver to your audience and see that no one thinks in class as you do.

6. Too much-copied content.

Usually, when you need to write an assignment, you need to provide evidence from other sources. Still, not every essay has this requirement. If you write a personal essay describing your own experience, it is unnecessary to provide quotes from someone else.

Many students are afraid of being not the only authors of their college writings. Refute the myth that academic texts only contain citations from other references. First of all, if you format it correctly, you automatically cut out any repetitions because you let readers know the source from where you’ve taken it. And on the other hand, any citation should be supported by your own position, so be confident your voice will be heard.

7. Often underestimated.

If all of your texts are ignored by your teacher, consider changing the person who leads the course. It is nothing about scores but the ability of the teacher to explain your flaws and inconsistencies in the content. Indeed, some topics could be easier to process, and others are more challenging. In any case, you shouldn’t think that your work is less worthy than other scholarly researches.

Try to ask others for help in the editing process to notice your writing issues before sending an assignment to your teacher. Who knows, but maybe this time, you can impress the most obstinate one with meaningful content and perfect grammar. 🙂

Ask about more myths and advice on avoiding them from your colleagues or teachers because they can play a significant role in successful college writing. Anyway, writing tasks are the most common assignments for students, so you need to increase your writing skills. Let the myths blow away so your thoughts can be easily written in any field of study.

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