How to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

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​What is plagiarism in papers?

When students add their academic papers, such as essays, term papers, research papers, borrowed ideas, phrases, sentences, and other unoriginal content, these activities could be considered plagiarism issues. However, if the student adds borrowed content with a proper acknowledgment (quotations, references, etc.), these materials could be taken as a part of a research. If students are caught on plagiarism issues, he or she must be ready for strict consequences. For example, the paper could be retracted, the marks student score would be the lowest, and the primary loss would be getting a reputation of an unreliable person.

Below are the main ideas that would help you to avoid plagiarism in research papers. Read on patiently and take these pieces of advice as a rule for your studies.

​What is a research paper?

Let us proceed by clarifying a research paper term and why it is crucial to make it unique. Research papers are types of academic papers that require working on a vast amount of various sources (books, magazines, essays, thesis papers, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, speeches, science articles, and more.) To make a substantial research paper, authors have to evaluate vast amounts of data and add approved shreds of evidence. The ideas resulting after researching and evaluation must come from an author and reflect his or her thoughts and considerations on the researched topic. Here are the ways to write a meaningful and unique research paper that would impress your teacher.

​Paraphrase the non-cited content

During preliminary research for your paper, you would get a lot of information from various sources. Ensure to include all the vital details in the first draft of your research paper to make it valuable and meaningful. The main recommendation on the drafting stage is paraphrasing when you do not use quotations word-by-word with references. Never copy-paste materials if you need to add them to the text. To paraphrase effectively, you have to understand the overall idea of the sentence or paragraph and express it with your own words. By restating the thoughts of other authors, you would dig deeper that would make your research much better.

​Cite sources properly

Note that any ideas that are not coming from your conclusions must be cited. The first thing to do about citation is to define the type of formatting assigned by a teacher for your research paper. It could be APA, MLA, or Turabian/Chicago. Each of these formatting styles requires arranging citations and references in a particular way. Moreover, consider there are some sources that you do not have to cite. For example, the facts of common knowledge and some types of scientific evidence (pieces of evidence you get after performing tests.) Please take into consideration that it is vital to avoid so-called self-plagiarism. If you want to add some thoughts of your own from other research papers written by you, you have to cite them as well.

​Apply plagiarism-checkers

Thanks to the World Wide Web, you could get sufficient support by using practical online tools to check and paraphrase your papers. Plagiarism-checker is specific software that could detect plagiarism in text documents and help to remove it from the paper. This software works as a database scanner that searches and identifies the components of the text. If, after comparing databases, the parts of the text would be identified as similar, the software would alert the user.

​Include quotations in the text

If you like the phrase or an idea from a particular source, you can add it precisely as it is to your research paper. To avoid plagiarism detection, you have to arrange the quotations in the text by using specific quotation marks. It would be a sign that the phrase or sentence was taken from another paper, and your teacher would not consider these parts of your paper borrowed.

​Manage your sources

If you are about to include into your research paper much various information with citations, you have to manage your sources. If you would lose the initial reference to an important quotation, you might be caught on plagiarism. Write down all the details on the sources you use and keep notes. For the vast amount of sources, you can use special referencing software.

We believe these tips were helpful and practical. Apply them to your papers and avoid plagiarism.

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