Top 10 Jobs for People Who Know a Foreign Language

Top 10 Jobs for People Who Know a Foreign Language
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Proficiency in a foreign language opens up great prospects for job seekers in various professional fields. Knowledge of one or two foreign languages successfully distinguishes the applicant from others and generally makes it easier to find a job.

We put together a list of professions that require the knowledge of foreign languages – take a look, and maybe you can spot a job that is perfect for you!

10 In-Demand Jobs for Language Experts

1. Translator/Interpreter.

This is quite a popular and demanded profession. This job is our top pick because it doesn’t always require a translator’s diploma. Although we do not diminish the importance of specialized education, you can find a job as a translator even with little to no experience. For most employers, great language knowledge will always overpower possible lack of experience.

It is worth noting that many still are unsure what distinguishes a translator from an interpreter and vice versa – check out this interpreter vs translator comparison to get this question out of the way. You will have a better chance as a candidate if you can use the translation programs like CAT, TRADOS, maintain a glossary, translate at a high pace and with good accuracy, which usually comes with experience. You should know that a good translator with at least 5 years of experience is always valuable, especially for work in specific fields such as medicine, oil and gas business, insurance, law, etc. Translators can easily find jobs online, for example at a translation agency. Check this review of translation services online if you want to learn more about translation companies that people choose to work with.

2. Teacher/Tutor.

A good teacher will never lack work because education is a field that is not likely to lose its popularity. Nowadays many teachers relocate their work online. Working as a teacher or tutor requires basic resources and an inexpensive, uncomplicated setup. As long as people enjoy your services, you don’t even need to do much self-promotion – your students will likely recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth works better for tutors than most advertising campaigns. Tutoring can be done “on the side” or used as the main source of income.

3. Assistant/Office Manager.

Both assistants and office managers can qualify for higher salaries if they speak a foreign language. These jobs can be acquired without prior experience. Responsibilities usually include doing paperwork, communication with clients, making phone calls, record keeping, planning, etc.

4. Customer Support Agent.

Customer support specialists are required to know at least one foreign language. In this job, you will communicate with clients, answer queries, resolve issues. Possible places of work are IT companies, banks, companies that deal with sales, call centers, etc. Customer support specialists are expected to be able to type fast in foreign languages and have good communication skills.

5. Project Manager.

This is a relatively new, promising, and highly paid profession. It is in demand in large companies, including international ones. The project manager’s responsibilities revolve around a specific project, requiring planning, organization, management of time and resources, as well as monitoring and guidance of team members. This job requires prior experience.

Vacancies to Seek if you Know Foreign Languages

6. Recruiter/HR Specialist.

When an HR manager recruits employees for an international company or overseas he must interview in a foreign language, to determine the candidate’s language knowledge.

7. Marketing Specialist.

A relatively new and in-demand profession, which allows working both in the office and remotely, as well as doing freelance work. Marketing specialists create and run advertising campaigns, do market research, study trends, research target audience, conduct surveys, in order to build a marketing strategy. When working with foreign clients or entrepreneurs seeking to enter a foreign market, a marketer needs to know a foreign language.

8. Copywriter.

A copywriter is an author of texts, articles, product descriptions, etc. Many wonder what copywriter does. Their job revolves around creating unique textual content for companies. Copywriters must be creative, efficient in writing, and proficient in one or more languages.

9. Tour guide.

Language knowledge is an undeniable advantage for tour guides. Excursion groups often consist of foreigners, so a guide who speaks a foreign language has advantages over their colleagues. Language proficiency will also help guide students to work abroad.

10. Governess.

Governess watches over and educates other people’s children. Modern parents strive to hire governesses who are fluent in one or more languages, so they could tutor children. Knowing a foreign language, one can work as a governess in any country.

Whether you are already employed, searching for work, or want to change your profession, knowing one or two foreign languages will significantly increase your chances of finding a highly-paid job. We have highlighted only ten of the most popular professions related to foreign languages, but there are many more, so we have no doubt that you will find a job that you will love!

BIO: Mark Blackwood

Acclaimed writer and translator, Mark is working relentlessly to create articles that will help and empower his readers. Having worked in 4 international companies, he acquired knowledge and skills that allow him to inform his peers of the current job market, and modern-day opportunities for millennials, especially when it comes to foreign languages. In his spare time, Mark is passionate about kayaking and rock climbing.

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