15 Best Technology Topics to Research

15 Best Technology Topics to Research
Marius Masalar

One thing’s for sure. If you are interested in technology research, there is no shortage of great topics. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming. How do you find an interesting, relevant topic that has great potential? Start, by checking out these 15 best technology topics for research.

  1. The potential pitfalls of medical apps

Healthcare apps can be used to help patients track their habits, transmit important health data, even remind patients to take their meds. However, there are concerns. Explore the issues related to security, privacy, and accuracy as they impact users.

  1. The impacts of using a VPN

People who use a VPN often enjoy more privacy and are able to access content others can’t. On the other hand, there are some ethical issues. Is it okay for someone to use VPN to make it appear as if they are in another country? Are VPNs worth the expense? What about the dangers of VPN-associated malware?

  1. The New Generation of Wearables

Explore one of many new generation wearables. These include connected athletic wear, insoles, skin patches, even eyewear. These can measure physical and mental stress, analyze sweat, evaluate cognitive function, and more.

  1. The mainstreaming of alternative energies

Will alternative energies ever become mainstream? For example, how close are we to fully adopting wind, solar, and hydro technologies to deliver electricity to homes and businesses.

  1. Will the public accept self-driving vehicles?

Statistics say human error causes nearly all car accidents. At the same time, people don’t trust fully autonomous vehicles. Explore the reasons for this.

  1. Which Industries will blockchain impact most?

Blockchain is closely associated with cryptocurrency, but there are applications for it everywhere. Research and identify which industries will really make use of this technology. You may check this best online essay writing service and find sample work on the topic. Feel free to use this for inspiration.

  1. The ethical issues with using at Home DNA Tests

You can order a DNA testing kit, send out a sample, and receive information about your ethnicity. Some companies will even help you connect with relatives. That’s really cool, but what about other impacts. DNA results can cause uncomfortable family secrets to come out. Further, when you sign up for these programs, you may be agreeing to have your DNA information sold to insurance companies and medical labs.

  1. How does the cloud work?

Research how information is transmitted to the web, how it is stored, and how it is kept secure.

  1. Do the benefits of Gene editing outweigh the ethical concerns?

Is gene editing simply a way to alleviate health concerns or a path to eugenics?

  1. How does GMO impact farming?

Many people are worried about GMO health impacts, but why does it exist at all? Show how GMO technology impacts farming.

  1. What will happen if the pollinators die off?

We’re all in trouble if pollinators go extinct. How can technology help solve this problem?

  1. How is music technology changing the entertainment industry?

Evolving technology continues to impact how music is recorded, stored, sold, and performed. Research music technology to do a deep dive into one of these topics.

  1. What is being done to address security concerns about Smart Homes?

People share a lot of data via their smart home devices. Is that safe? What is being done to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands?

  1. Can the Covid shot change your DNA?

Research and write a paper that explores how the Covid shot works. Pay close attention to the way it uses technology to ‘train’ your cells to fight off the virus. Consider checking your work with the help of an editor from WritingUniverse to ensure your sources are accurate, and your work is complete.

  1. How forensic science was exposed as pseudoscience.

Not long ago, the FBI acknowledged that in many cases forensic evidence offered in court wasn’t as foolproof as they claimed. Explore the pitfalls of forensic science technologies.

Final thoughts

It’s clear the word technology covers a lot of ground. That’s a good thing. It allows you to select from a variety of subject areas ranging from transportation to artificial intelligence to agriculture. Use these topics to inspire your next technology research.

Author Bio: Mark Blackwood is widely regarded as a go-to writer for topics such as technology and small business development. He enjoys helping students learn how and what to research in order to advance academically. When he has spare time, he enjoys spending it with his family.

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