Top 10 Interesting Places to Visit in Fujairah

Top 10 Interesting Places to Visit in Fujairah

If you are just done exploring Dubai and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should head towards Fujairah. It is a place that is quite famous among the travelers who are looking for peace. It is the best holiday destination with historical buildings, forts, beaches, beautiful mountains, etc. Before you travel to Fujairah, make sure to contact any professional Dubai car rental company to book a car.

Read this blog till the end to find out the list of top 10 interesting places to visit in Fujairah.

Fujairah Fort

This fort is one of the ancient and most beautiful forts in Fujairah. It was built back in the 1670s but it was attacked by the British army at the beginning of the 20th century. This fort served the royal families of Emirates for years. This fort has 3 sections, 2 round towers, 1 square tower, and many halls. They have done a lot of renovation work and got back its former glory. The architecture has set-up a beautiful village around the fort that represents the traditional lifestyle. You should visit this fort if historical places mesmerize you.

Al Aqah beach

If you move about 45 km towards the north of Fujairah city, you will find an amazing Al Aqah beach that is dominated by the snoopy island. It is the Emirates top beach resort of Fujairah. It is located on the Gulf of scuba so you can enjoy diving and snorkeling here. There is a complete row of hotels on the shore that are all set-up for Waterworld activities. Along with diving, you can enjoy many other water sports here. This is the ideal place to visit if you are on a family trip with your kids.

Wadi wurayah

Wadi wurayah is one of the most popular valleys in UAE. It is located between Khor fakkan, bidiyah, and masafi. You are going to enjoy the waterfall and park in this valley that is surrounded by the beautiful Hajar mountains. This place is not crowded and you will love the peaceful aura it brings because of its natural beauty.

Fujairah museum

Fujairah museum is located in the south of the Fujairah fort. You can bring your family here to learn about the heritage of the UAE. This museum has an amazing collection of artifacts from the Bronze age. It also exhibits bronze and iron weapons, stone vessels, painted pottery, and old silver coins. This museum has the old possession that was discovered at Qidfa that was made from ostrich eggs. Never forget to enjoy the ethnography of Fujeigh that displays the traditional craftwork of the Emarati people.


Not only in Dubai, but you can also visit Fujairah to enjoy water activities and deep-sea fishing. If you are looking for the best fishing spots, head towards this city for the best experience. Hire fishing carters and try to catch fishes like Dorado, yellowfin and longtail tuna, Marlin, etc. You may also be able to catch the exclusive sailfish and marlin. Well, it depends on your luck and fishing skills.

Al hayl castle

This castle was built around 1830 and it was used as the headquarters of the royal family. It has played a vital role in the defense section of Fujairah and prevents many attacks from intruders. Although, it is not as beautiful and original as it was demolished. Now, just 2 level towers sit on a hill and remind us of the old castle. This place is for you if you are keen to visit historical places.


You have to move around 33 km northwest from Fujairah to reach Masafi. It is located on the edge of the Hajar mountains on the border between Fujairah and Ras Al-Khaimah Emirate. This village was once a trading post and refueling stop. But, then it was updated with the modern highways in the 1970s. This village is famous for its Gulf leading water producer and for its natural springs. Head towards the local market to purchase different kinds of antique stuff and local handicrafts. You should choose RentalcarsUAE to move around in different emirates and cities of UAE at your own pace.

Sheikh Al Zayed Mosque

This mosque is quite popular in the Muslim world and it has space for 32,000 worshipers. It is ranked as the 2nd biggest mosque in the UAE. The first biggest mosque is the Sheikh Zayed mosque but it is located in Abu Dhabi. The modern mosque of Fujairah covers a huge lands area and it boasts 6 minarets that are 100 meters high. Its beautiful white facade is one of the major landmarks in this city. You can only visit this mosque from the inside if you are a Muslim but you can take photos from the outside.

Fujairah Beaches

This city doesn’t share its coastline with the giant Arabian Gulf. This city is the sole emirate of UAE but unlike the other emirates, it is located on the east side. All the beaches of this city are located along the Oman Gulf. If you are a beach person, then this place is for you. You can enjoy snorkeling sites and scuba diving here. In case you are not a fan of these sports, you can simply enjoy the sun at the beach. Also, there are a couple of cafes, lounges, and restaurants so you can roam around easily.

Al Bithnah Fort

This fort is quite close to Dibba so after enjoying camping and fishing there, you can visit this fort if you are a history enthusiast. It is located over the Hajar mountains and it was used as the area of defense including the strategic route from ham valley. It is one of the most popular forts in the eastern part of the Emirates.


According to the tourists, Fujairah is the best place to visit right after your Dubai trip to relax from hustle and bustle. If you are a UAE resident, you can head towards Fujairah on the weekends to enjoy visiting the historical places. You can also enjoy beach activities, hiking, or camping activities with your family or friends. Happy exploring.

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