Top 10 Films With Summer Mood

Top 10 Films With Summer Mood

Hiking in remote forests, strolling through red-hot ancient cities, sunset songs, sleepless nights on the internet bumping into a 22bet link, and love that burns right through like the July sun: we have made a selection of films that instantly take you into the summer.

Palm Springs (2020)

Max Barbakov’s fantastic rom-com is a new reinterpreted version of Groundhog Day. Only this time two heroes, the infantile joker Miles and his friend Sarah, got into a time loop at once. And the guys were much more fortunate with the weather than the hero of Bill Murray. Every day they wake up in a picturesque hotel with a pool, and outside the window is a fine sunny day.

The Kings of Summer (2013)

A cute and light-hearted film about the perfect summer vacation, setting you in the mood for a sunny day. Its main accumulators will be three young heroes, who are so tired of living under the constant supervision of their parents that they decided to escape into the wilderness to communicate with nature and arrange their own life (however, newly-made Robinson’s hunt in the nearest supermarket). In this bright camping idle, there is a place for the difficulties of the transitional age, and friendship, and first love, and picturesque summer landscapes: when the thick fog of teenage dreams disperses, a serene lake, flooded with sunlight, and endless meadows, in the herbs of which you can drown.

To Rome with Love (2012)

An intelligent travel guide from the living Hollywood classic Woody Allen, where the fates of dissimilar people find themselves in the maelstrom of streets and squares of the Eternal City. Rome, full of sun, life, and love, plays a key role in this film and ties together four novels intertwined with true Allen’s wit. An indispensable international love triangle, a kaleidoscope of unthinkable situations, and the genuine charm of the Mediterranean capital, where finding a new Pavarotti is no more difficult than a pizza.

Hot Summer Nights (2017)

Reflection-rich youth drama in a criminal-romantic arrangement. Summer visiting his aunt becomes a time of fateful changes for Daniel. Here, on the sultry resort expanses of the Cape Cod Peninsula, the hero makes friends with a drug dealer and falls in love with the most beautiful girl on the coast. The transformation of an outsider into a tough guy with dangerous connections was embodied on the screen by Timothy Chalamet.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

An indispensable attribute of summer is positive songs, to which it is equally good to dance at a beach party and hum while driving a car while traveling. For the heroes of the sultry melodrama Mamma Mia! The hits of the Swedish group ABBA, which almost nonstop sound from the lips of the elderly 007 agents Pierce Brosnan, and, without exaggeration, the best actress of our time, Meryl Streep, became an ideal accompaniment for a summer vacation. And the film adaptation of the famous musical is famous for its delightful Mediterranean views, excellent dance numbers, and real summer carelessness.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

A sunny melodrama based on the world bestseller Elizabeth Gilbert, offering a simple one-two-three recipe for depression and bad mood – choose any three countries on the map with the letter “I”, pack your bags, and go on a journey in search of enlightenment and another balm for your an anxious soul. Julia Roberts’s proven Italy-India-Indonesia formula works flawlessly, now it’s up to you.

Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno (2017)

A three-hour drama directed by Adele’s Life about youth and love. The aspiring playwright Amin comes home for the holidays and with a half-turn plunges into the abyss of the entertainment of his friends, cousins, ​​and cousins. Young, tanned, bright, they fall in love with each other, are jealous, quarrel, and enjoy their youth. For Amin, they are an object of admiration, but is there a place in this carefree chaos for real feelings and deep relationships?

La Piscine (1969)

A romantic getaway on the French Riviera. What could be better? The heroes of the film, Jean-Louis and Marianne, thought so, having gone on vacation to enjoy each other’s company. But the idyll did not last long. An uninvited guest arrives at the villa – Marianne’s former lover. The rest of the lovers turns into a continuous mixture of jealousy, hatred, and despair. The situation is aggravated when the heroes find the lover’s corpse right in the pool.

Mid90s (2018)

Jonah Hill’s feature-length directorial debut (The Man Who Changed Everything, The Wolf of Wall Street). The nostalgic dramedy follows a boy named Steve trying to befriend a gang of cool local skaters and having the craziest summer of his life. Outside the window is the sunny Los Angeles of the 90s, the heroes are racing with cassette players, listening to Nirvana, smoking around the corner, and believing that the vacation will never end.

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