People!! We Found The Most Delicious Sandwiches On The Internet

We Did It, We Found Them, Now We Just Need To Know How To Make One

Sandwiches are at the top of the food chain, why? Because they can be filled with pretty much anything, and still be amazing. So prepare to have some foodgasm with the next 17 sandwiches crowned by the internet as the most delicious. Even though it was pretty hard to choose only 17 we did an out of this world effort just for you, just be careful or you may drool.

1. The Gobbler (The Thanksgiving Leftovers).

Even though is only once a year, it’s kind of amazing.

The Gobbler
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2.  The Roast Beef Sandwich.

It’s such a simple sandwich, and so versatile, just the thin sliced meat, some veggies and mayo to make this work of art.

roast beef
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3. Pulled Pork Sandwich.

This is the definition of American cuisine, even though depending on the state the preparation is different, the result is always the same.

pulled pork
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4. Po’ Boys Sandwich.

This sandwich is traditionally 24 inches, and the filling it’s usually fried shrimp or oysters, add some veggies, mayo and some sauce and you get this sweet, pleasure.

po' boys
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5. The Cuban Sandwich.

The amazing combination of roast pork, swiss cheese, glazed ham, dill pickles and mustard between two Cuban bread.

cuban sandwich
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6. The Chicken Biscuit.

As if fried chicken and an amazing buttery biscuit aren’t already heavenly enough, imagine it with some gravy and melted the cheese…

chicken biscuit
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7. Croque Madame.

Translates to Mrs. Crunchy.  Some ham with classic grilled cheese, cover by delicious bechamel sauce and to top it all up a poached egg.

Croque Madame
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8. The Meatloaf Sandwich.

I don’t think we need to add anything here, this sandwich is plain genius, various meats, cheese, and mayo, add maybe some ketchup and done.

meatloaf sandwich
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9.  The Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Chiken + mayo = winning combination.

chicken salad

10.The Meatball Sandwich.

Taking the best part of spaghettis and adding it to bread, plus you can never go wrong with cheese on top.

meatball sub
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11. PB and Jelly sandwich.

PB&J cannot be left behind on this list, this is a snack eaten by a whole country, gosh even maybe the whole world.

pb and jelly

12. Patty Melt.

Cheese and sauteéd onions are a must in these sandwich.

patty melt
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13. The Tuna Melt.

Mayo with tuna and golden brown bread, what else could you want in life?

tuna melt

14. The Club Sandwich.

Clubhouse sandwich bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and toasted bread usually served with coleslaw on the side.

the club sandwich

15. The Elvis Sandwich.

Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich with some bacon in the mix.

The Elvis

16. The Gatsby Sandwich.

This sub is usually serve with some french fries on the side, and it’s very popular in Cape Town.

The Gatsby
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17. The Dagwood

Turkey, ham, lettuce, mayo-covered tomatoes, and pretty much anything else you can find in your fridge made into a sandwich.

the dagwood
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See? Told you you’d drool.



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