EA Announces ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Right On The Franchise 40th Anniversary

The Storyline Forms Part Of The Actual Star Wars Plot Line

Battlefront II is one of the most awaited games of the year and Electronic Arts (EA) has set a world premiere date for the gameplay. The game promises to change several features and game modes in order to make it better. Improving on the past edition of the game that wasn’t so successful through games as previous editions had been. Picking up some classic aspects of the game and adding some new modes, guns, and characters.

The game’s most amazing new characteristic that has all fans waiting impatiently is that its storyline forms part of the actual plot line of Star Wars. Revealing what happened between Episode VI and VII, linking the first trilogy with the last one. Also, one of the coolest aspects of this campaign mode (more developed in this edition) is that it will be seen through the Empire’s vision. A cool and innovative change, especially since the bad guys from Star Wars are some of the coolest ones.

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The gameplay release

EA Star Wars made the announcement through their official Twitter account. Revealing, through a short teaser, that a gameplay will be available on June 10. However, a gameplay of the game was already revealed to those who went to this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. We don’t know still if the guys from EA will release a larger clip or another one revealing actual gameplay. Still, the news had got many fans excited especially through social media.

The hype about the upcoming game is also because this title promises to uplift the disappointment that the one from 2015 generated. Since the upcoming sequel promises to be a total game changer. Especially due to the story. Meaning that whatever thing or information revealed throughout the game will have an impact on the movies. Something that for what it seems will become the new canon of the franchise. All of it through a more developed single player mode.

The game’s story

As it was revealed, we will walk through the game’s campaign through Iden Versio’s eye, an elite Stormtrooper who leads a special forces unit known as Inferno Squad. The trailer placed her fighting on Endor, where she witnesses the destruction of the second Death Star. This during Episode VI (The Return of the Jedi). Causing her to seek revenge against the Rebellion and embarks on a 30-years mission of destroying them.

Her 30-year journey of is what will provide players the link between the franchise’s films and with the latest Episode VII (The Force Awakens). Involving characters from the classic movies and the new ones. With this, they’ve already added something the previous game desperately lacked off. But with a really deep campaign mode. This wouldn’t be the first time Star Wars reveals some branching elements of their main story. They’ve done it before through comic book series, video games, and cartoons. Especially Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Clone Wars”.


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