Linkin Park Fails James Corden’s ‘Bandmate Game’ [VIDEO]

It’s Hilarious

Bands are not only a group of people who get together to create music and try to take over the world with it. They’re also a group of friends that after a long time, turn into a family. That besides sharing their love for music, end up sharing and knowing everything about each other.

That’s at least what you would expect after all. Especially, if you turn into a very successful band with 20 years of career.

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The Bandmate Game.

But it seems that after so many years of tours and playing along the guys from Linking Park don’t really know each other so well. Or at least that is what we were left to think. After three of the band’s members went to the “Late Late Show” and played “The Bandmate Game.”

The segment of the show consists in the band members, Chester, Mike, and Brad. In this case, are asked some silly questions about to see how well they know each other. But it seems that their only connection is musical as they trail to answer any of them.

Silly personal questions and answers.

As the game is all about knowing everything about your bandmates we saw some personal, yet silly, questions being asked. Like “who will Mike Shinoda pick to play him in his autobiographical picture?”, “what animal would Chester be?” or something that you expect that they will know after spending 20 years touring together like “what are Chester’s favorite underwear?”

To what the guys really messed up again and again. But we must admit that their answers to many of them were pretty creative. Mostly due to the lack of idea of what to answer. Being Brad’s reply to what animal will be our personal favorite, as he said a “passionate beast of the wild.”

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Crappy bandmates.

After watching Chester, Mike and Brad fail to answer some simple questions, along with their creative answers. We saw that they’re some really crappy bandmates but at least they’re good friends, only that they don’t know anything about each other.

But at the end of the day, one man turned out to be the band’s guitar hero. As Delson used his coaching knowledge in little league to guide them to victory. Also saying that the 9-year-olds are a bit more mature but that is something we kind of expected after watching the guys from Linking Park in “The Bandmate Game.”

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