Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show Spiked Her Sales Over 1,000%

Seriously Impresive

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was definitely a huge touchdown for her sales. The diva sold about 150,000 digital albums and songs on February 5th.

The sales report collected on Sunday 5 showed an increase of over 1,000 percent. And the numbers keep soaring. Way to go Gaga!


Super Bowl LI.

Gaga smashed her performance on the Super Bowl LI. She flew, she caught a ball, and she even delivered a pair of dope memes. Gaga performance was on point, unleashing her impressive vocal talent and her awesome dance moves.

The 13-minute show presented a medley of singles of the pop superstar. The singer kicked off her performance with hits including “Poker Face” and “Telephone.” A change of outfit later she sang 2009’s tune “Bad Romance” along with the iconic choreography. She also sang “Million Reasons” from her latest album Joanne.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Scored sales for the diva.

According to Nielsen Music, Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Show scored the diva huge sales gains. Reports collected on Sunday showed the diva got an increase of over 1,000 percent compared to Saturday’s reports. Gaga sold on Saturday about 15,000 digital albums and songs, and on Sunday she sold about 150,000 of them.

On Sunday Gaga sold over 125,000 song downloads. “Bad Romance” sold over 13,000 downloads increasing a 1,525 percent; “Born This Way” sold 12,000 going up with 2,202 perfect, and “Poker Face” sold 10,000 with a 1,217 increase percentage.

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine

Breaking the records.

Her biggest selling song was Joanne’s “Million Reasons,” with more than 45,000 downloads. The album released on November debuted as Numer 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Joanne was the biggest selling album on Sunday with over 12,000 sold and a 1,077 percent increase. Her second biggest selling album was “The Fame Monster” with about 6,000 sold.

It’s expected that Gaga’s sales continue to increase and eventually impact on February 25 Billboard’s charts, which shows the sales from the week ending February 9.

Last year Coldplay headlined the Super Bowl halftime show and experienced a similar sales increase, 95,000 albums about 335 percent up, but Lady Gaga seriously nailed it with her 1,000 perfect increase!

Image Credit: US Magazine
Image Credit: US Magazine


Source: USA Today


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