Kylie Is Leaving Her App After Tyga Post Was Unintentionally Published

What Are We Going To Do Without You Kylie?

Kylie Jenner just announced she’s leaving her own app. I know it makes no sense but she is and it’s due to a huge mistake her team made. Thay posted an unauthorized memo revealing details of her relationship with Tyga.

The content of the leaked memo was very explicit and even showed information about the couple’s sex life. The reality star tweeted “It’s unfair to me and you to think that those were my words, I’m sorry and I know we will figure [something] out so we can all be satisfied.”


Her fans are really disappointed.

The $2.99 app promised the buyers exclusive content posted personally by Jenner, but since the mistake happened, Kylie took the decision of not posting anything herself anymore.

The message shown in the app was “very personal”.

One of the fans took a screenshot of the memo that detailed how Kylie “spoils” the rapper.


Her team released a statement apologizing.

The team that controls her app at Whalerock Industries shared a statement with Bustle explaining the misunderstood:  “This morning, a drafted article was inadvertently posted for a short period of time on Kylie’s app. This was a draft that was not in Kylie’s words, was not Kylie’s idea and had not been sent to her for approval. We’d like to sincerely apologize to Kylie for this mistake and the fans because it was never our intention to misrepresent Kylie and Kylie’s voice.”


There is no turning back.

The desition is already taken, Kylie will no longer post personally in her app. But there might be another reason for this. Jenner is extremely busy working on some other personal projects such as her makeup brand that’s so huge it made her figure on Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Recently Kylie launched a massive pop up that included not only makeup but different accessories as well.


Jenner has a lot going on.

The 19-year-old released a video with her favorite photographer Sasha Samsonova. The short clip was super hot and was filmed in a secret place, it featured her boyfriend Tyga with the intention of being very raw. Jenner was involved in almost all of the production.

Kylie needs to chill.

With so many things going on, she needed to take a break so she packed her things up and escaped to Mexico for a few days with her friends and bae Tyga.


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Naturally, people are upset.

They are right, but I’m sure she will do something about it very soon. Calm down.


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