Kim Kardashian Is Definetly Not Pregnant, ¡Here’s What She’s Up To!

Little Northie Might Be The Next Kendall!

There’s definitely not another heir to their Kardashian kingdom in. Kim Kardashian is NOT holding another bun in the oven, the only “childish” stuff she has been focusing on is on a new project, that involves all the Kardashian-West family.

Kimmy took her social media fame and presented her latest project along with North And Kanye West. A new clothing line is on the way for this family, Kim posted a snap of her adorable collaborator, baby North as a model. Northie not only gets to wears the clothes, she shows us how she’s involved in the project.

Take a look at this cutie:

We can’t wait to see how the whole collection looks like

As Kim confirms it, even though they haven’t released an official date. There is going to be a new line. Like we hear her say on the snap “Northie picked out the colors and the fabric.” Which actually makes sense, she inherited her daddy’s sense of fashion. According to Kim “Daddy and mommy are doing a kids line and these are some of the clothes. North shows a beautiful and sparkly dress in a yellow tone.

North may be the next Kendall

The reality star also posted a photo where we can see the 3-year-old looking stoked to be working with her amazing parents.

The picture is captioned: “Kanye & my kids line coming soon! #SequinDess #ShearlingCoat”. She also shared tons of videos of North looking cute as hell in the outfit.

Twitter controversy

After posting the videos, Kim took over twitter to joke about how some fans started speculating whether or not she would be pregnant when the clothing line is released. She took her humorous side and laugh it off while denying it.

A great come back

Kim had taken a break from social media after the robbery she suffered back in Paris last October, but she came back intensely, she has been seen recently in Costa Rica where she also posted tons of videos and pictures on her social media accounts.

Kim Kardashian Costa Rica
Image Credit: Brian Prahl / Splash News



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