Improving Your Running Performance

Improving Your Running Performance

You’ve always held a poor running record. Perhaps, it isn’t your fault. With the approach of the summer season, many people will always avoid going to the gym, run on tracks, and keep themselves fit. But you shouldn’t be included either. You hate running just because you can’t get there on time? Don’t get disappointed for that because you can always adjust and turn into a powerful runner. With frequent practices, regardless of whether you run for long or short distances, you will always have to note some positive change. More surprisingly, most runners will often dislike regular running routines. But establishing a common pace and running route is most preferable for them. This piece explores some of the most common ways you can use to advance and improve your running performance, whether you are an experienced runner or not. Read more at

Tips for running faster

Running is a tough and strenuous activity that demands frequent practice. It is more common to have a muscle imbalance while running, and these make your body stronger and tough. But if you are a slow runner, that shouldn’t kill your dream of running fast as expected by your coach or even yourself. There are various measures you are required to take to ensure you improve your running through maximization of efficiency.

Listen to your body

Your body is determining whether you will run or not regardless of whether you are an experienced runner or just a newbie in the running. Don’t force your body into running when in the real sense, you don’t feel like running. But if you are feeling strong and fit for a running contest, take more laps than your spectators can’t imagine. Handle a few minutes’ jogs and progressively start doing more distances. With time, you’ll be fit even for competition. Pay close attention to what the body tells you before setting your foot on that track.

Get the right footwear

Not just any pair of footwear is suitable for running. Selectively distinguish between the best footwear for you. Some other footwear is likely to limit your progress while running hence the need to get yourself better shoes. Bad footwear is likely going to result in injury hence hindering your performance. Purchase a perfect pair for yourself and watch yourself progress in the journey of running faster.

Pay attention to your target heart rate

Usually, the target heart rate is determined by subtracting 220 from your current age. When you reach that target while running, then be sure of working at your maximum capacity. The heartbeat monitor can be used to determine your heart rate and therefore makes it easier to establish your progress in running. It’s a perfect option for a health device you can use.

Focus on strength

It is important to stick your focus onto strengths rather than the weak areas. Focusing on weak points is likely to waste you so much to the extent of getting an injury. If you want to make your run even much better, strategize on attending to your main muscles. Perfect strength training entails pushups, squats, and lunges among more.

Keep it interesting

Repetitive observance of a common routine can sometimes be boring. You have to break out from your usual schedule and try on something else. You can do so by running up and downstairs, being careful not to injure yourself, running up and downhill, and even pacing. Also, try out on skipping, hopping, and jumping as these will help you enhance your strength, power, and in turn, advance your performance.

Running Safe

Your health is critical when you are a devoted runner. In fact, healthy foods play a greater role in your performance as a runner. So, get yourself the perfect health meals that will contribute to general body health and keep you fit for a running competition

The caveat

Always ensure that your body is in a stable and fit position before setting your foot on the track, trying to run. The shape of your body at the start of running, to some extent, determines your running capability.


Running is a gradual learning process where you have to stick to certain guidelines to make it more effective. Once you stick on some of the tips discussed in this article, always be certain that you are going to make it.

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