How Solar Power Can Help Us Fight Climate Change

How Solar Power Can Help Us Fight Climate Change
Jeremy Bezanger

Climate change is getting worse, and the Earth may be in trouble if we don’t get our acts together to create a better planet. Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity can be extremely harmful to our health and the planet. In addition, they’re non-renewable, and it’s not worth our time or money to use such a toxic form of energy. So continue reading to discover how solar power can help us fight climate change to make the world habitable for our grandkids.

Solar Power Reduces the Need for Fossil Fuels

By switching to solar power, you reduce the demand for fossil fuels. So if enough people made the switch, we could see significant progress. Fortunately, even electric companies are doing everything to use more solar power as the situation becomes direr.

However, some people worry about what will happen to their jobs in the non-renewable energy sector. It’s important to remember that fossil fuels won’t be around forever, so neither will the jobs. But remember that when you contribute to the demand for solar power, you create more jobs in the clean energy sector.

Solar Energy is Better for Your Health

Fossil fuels aren’t just bad for the Earth. They can be bad for our health as well! For example, when greenhouse gasses are released into the air, they can harm our cardiovascular system and lungs. However, solar panels don’t release these harmful gasses into the air when they operate, making them the ideal energy source for the planet and our bodies.

You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Understanding carbon footprint is an essential part of going green. It is basically a measurement of your greenhouse gas emissions, giving you an idea of your direct impact on the environment. You may think that you’re one person and can’t make a difference. However, you’d be surprised by the results of calculating your carbon footprint and the impact solar energy can make in lowering it.

You’ll Help the U.S. Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

The United States is still pretty reliant on fossil fuels to provide power. However, when you use the correct number of solar panels, you can create a surplus of electricity, which can be sent back into the grid for others to use. This is beneficial in making the U.S. and ourselves, energy independent. When we rely on other countries for something so essential, we put ourselves at risk any time there are political tensions.

Other Benefits of Solar Power

Aside from the environmental benefits, solar power can benefit the homeowner in several ways, making it more favorable for those still on the fence.

Solar is More Reliable

The sun is a constant source of clean, renewable energy, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Plus, the power grid can be flaky during large storms with high winds, which can be dangerous during the winter and summer months. On the other hand, you may not have to worry about losing power in inclement weather when you have adequate battery storage and enough solar panels. This is just another way solar is more reliable and safe than traditional energy.

Return on Investment

The initial bill to install solar panels can be enough to turn one away, so the government created the solar investment tax credit. Uncle Sam wants us to go green, and he’s willing to give you a tax credit for investing in solar energy. However, keep in mind that tax laws change all the time, and it’s not going to last forever unless congress extends the bill. Additionally, you won’t be qualified for the savings if you rent a solar system since you aren’t the owner.

Utility Savings

When you use solar energy, you’re relying on a free energy source rather than paying for toxic gasses to be released into the air for power. Plus, most companies may add credit to your utility bills when you send them surplus energy created by your solar system. And the amount of money you’ll save is just another way you’ll see a quick return on investment.

You’ll Set a Positive Example

When your neighbors see that solar power works so well for your household, they may be more willing to follow your example. Plus, if you want to raise your kids to be sustainable, you must practice what you preach. So instead of telling them different ways to save the Earth, you can show them how to preserve it.


There are many ways to fight climate change, but solar power can be one of the most effective methods if more people begin switching faster. But, unfortunately, it may be too late if we wait until the last minute to start going green. So we need to act now, especially while solar energy is still affordable.

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