Check This Out: The Harry Potter Cast Has A Group Chat!

Is Hard For Me To Picture Them As Normal People!

Potterheads go wild, the Harry Potter cast has a group chat and it’s the most incredible news of the week! Emma Watson graced the world with the news during an interview this week, and we just can’t handle it.

Emma revealed the news during the promotion of the Beauty and the Beast. The actress also said how supported she feels from her old buddies. This is too much, is there a potion to stop freaking out?

Busy, busy promotion.

The Beauty and the Beast movie is  finally here. The live action version of the 1991 animated Disney classic finally hits theaters and we can’t hide our excitement. As part of the promotion of the long expected of the Beauty and the Beast, Emma has to do lots of interviews. Which is awesome because we love her.

Via US Magazine
Via US Magazine

It was just another interview until…

Of course, there’s no Ema Watson interview where the Harry Potter subject doesn’t come. But this time it revealed the greatest thing. In an interview, Emma was asked if she’s still in touch with Daniel Radcliffe, and she not only said yes but she said that the whole cast has a WhatsApp group chat *crying of excitement.*

OMG, this is not real!

The actress then revealed that she used to try to get everyone to come along to a screening of the Disney’s live action movie. Of course, this is incredibly difficult since not only they all live in different places but also have different projects.Then she said, “It’s kind of like Pokemon. I’m trying to catch them all right now.” She also added, ” I feel very supported by my old costars.”

Via US Magazine
Via US Magazine

Potterheads just lost it.

Now, this exciting and incredible news changes everything, we simply can’t stop wondering what’s going on in the chat group right now, what’s the group name. So many questions.

Source: Buzzfeed


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