This Group Chat Was Crashed By The Police In The Most WTF Way

I Think I Wouldn’t Believe It

This is quite a good and funny story. Earlier this week a students’ group chat based in Cardiff got the most unusual guest, the police. Epic story coming in, not every day you get to say the police interrupted your group chat.

The story went viral on Twitter after one of the group members shared captures of the conversation, which turned a funny back and forth of messages.

Like any other group chat.

This is Cameron Lawrence, a college student in Cardiff with his friends. As many of us, he has a group chat because it’s easier.

Well, to be honest, we secretly hold a love-hate relationship with group chats, sometimes we witness the craziest or most annoying situations and we can’t take it.

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Special guests coming in.

On Monday night a group of friends based in Cardiff went out partying but one of the mates got too drunk and didn’t get into the club. Cameron Court was then picked up by the police but he was not in shape to remember his address.

And that’s when the police stepped in…

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 Skeptically giving the “police” the address…

As you can see they diligently gave the “police” Cameron’s address but then went full skeptical about the so-called “police officers.”

If you think about it, the police were kinda of having fun with the situation, they changed the chat’s name to “Such a VIP he has a police escort.” LOL

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As legit as it can be.

As their skepticism grew the police officer decided to shut it by sending a legit prove, a picture of himself on duty. And that’s when they knew this was going to be an epic story.

Of course, everybody forgot about Cameron at this point and it was even funnier.

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Going viral.

On Tuesday, one of Cameron’s friends shared the screenshots and the story went viral on Twitter, and people is having a blast.


Really, the South Wales Police rocks!


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