This Epic Pug Adventures Will Give You Some Life Goals

Travelling around with your best friend sounds like one of the best plans ever

Travelling around with your best friend in the whole world sounds like one of the best plans ever, doesn’t it? Well now imagine not just only making that but with man’s best friend. That’s what this owner has done with his pug. They went on an epic pug adventure.

This Seattle-based couple have been doing in the last years and they’ve been together from the Washington mountains, the beaches of Oregon and they’ve even visited streets of San Francisco.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

Norm the pug, has a lot of personality, even more than many humans we might know.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

He and his owner Jeremy Veach love travelling.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

Since both love photography and the doggie is extremely photogenic they keep documentation of every trip and post it on Instagram.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

Jeremy has been taking pictures of Norm since he was just an 8 weeks old puppy.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

Now he is a year and a half, so you can tell they’ve been doing this for a while.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

One of the funniest things of all is that Norm the Pug loves to take selfies, and he has an eye for it.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

“He loves the pictures and gets really into it,” Jeremy said.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

He also told that “And when there is something he doesn’t like, I can tell, and I just will move on to a new idea.”

Image Credit: Jermzlee

The travellers are so adorable and the pictures are so incredible that in Instagram they’ve reached 337k followers.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

But Norm isn’t the only one to admire in the Instagram account, the pictures these amazing friends take are out of this worlds.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

This is not the only photo series that Jeremy and Norm have done.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

They’ve made others, inspired by some canine favourites like good old Maddie, where we can see that this little Pug is incredibly charismatic, photogenic and happy.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

They don’t only have a good eye for landscapes but for photography in general.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

Showing us that one of the most fundamental parts of art is to have fun.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

And that all you need to be happy at the end of the day is just your best friend by your side.

Image Credit: Jermzlee

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