Stop Everything You’re Doing And Check This Conspiracy About How Eminem Died 12 Years Ago

WTF Internet?

The internet is the home of pretty much everything that is weird. As we’ve said many times before in here. Strange memes, videos, posts, and so on always leave us wondering wtf we have just seen.

But once again the online world has surprised us with one of it “specialties.” Since a conspiracy theory that we have never heard before is going viral. Honestly, we don’t really know what is more surprising. The new theory or that many of us have never heard of it before.

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Eminem is dead.

Punk Rock is dead. Ups, we meant Eminem. Again, the internet is really an odd place. As conspiracy theories are one of its favorite topics. Saying the president of the U.S. is part of the reptile people or Illuminati, that Bush did 9/11, etc. But now they all have to step back and get ready to give a spotlight to this new conspiracy.

Eminem is dead. He has been for 13 years. All according to the latest conspiracy theory the internet has blessed us with. So honestly “will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”

Image Credit: Comic
Image Credit: Comic

When did Slim pass away?

According to some of the internet’s most creative minds, Eminem passed away in 2005. After he went into drug rehab for his addiction towards his sleeping pills. Also, the following year his friend proof died. For many, this two key events pushed Eminem into a suicide spiral.

This is when it starts to get interesting. Then his agent, to keep on milking the Slim Shady cash cow and fame, replaced Eminem with a double. But wait there is more. As this is the point were conspiracy theorists can’t agree on. Since they haven’t decided if the Detroit rapper was replaced by an android or simply a

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The real Slim Shady.

The incredible “real Slim Shady,” pursue started back in 2012. When an anonymous person compiled tons of images of Eminem’s face. Pointing out the difference between those faces, in an attempt to figure out if the old and new Slim Shady were the same person. All of this done by doodles over the faces.

The theorist concluded that Eminem was probably replaced. What a shock. But no by anyone, but by an android. Obviously. Sadly the original YouTube channel that made this claims was shut down. But the theories have kept on living. To the point that someone did the same thing, but trying to prove that Eminem was still the original. By applying the same squiggly draws. Yes, the internet is a weird place. To the point, people don’t get how aging works.

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If you want more Eminem conspiracy fun.



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