Effective Study Tips for Microsoft AZ-301 Exam That Will 100% Work & How It Is Connected to Exam Dumps

Effective Study Tips for Microsoft AZ-301 Exam That Will 100% Work & How It Is Connected to Exam Dumps

Technology has been integrated into various industries all over the world. This is because most of the technology products ease the way of performing tasks in a business and social setup. Microsoft is a globally renowned corporation that spearheads the inventions and developments of the best products & services to solve mankind’s problems. Evaluating professionals’ skills and knowledge is one of the ways of ensuring that technology products are optimized to meet business demands. 18. Certbolt proves that a professional is conversant with the key concepts related to a specific technology and to overall understanding how IT specialists validate their skills through Microsoft and its exams. In this post, you’ll have a clear overview of the Microsoft AZ-301 assessment and know how to pass it on your first try.

Description of AZ-301 Exam

This accreditation, AZ-301, targets Azure Solutions Architects who are tasked to design secure, reliable, and scalable solutions in a business environment. One should be knowledgeable and experienced in various technology fields such as networking, identity, virtualization, security, disaster recovery, business continuity, budgeting, governance, and data management. Exam AZ-301 also demands proficiency in at least one of the domains like Azure administration & development, and DevOps. And the main test is made up of the following distinct topics like workload requirements, identity and security, and finding data platform solutions. In addition to these skills, one also needs to demonstrate the mastery of creating business continuity & infrastructure strategies, and be responsible for designing deployment, migration, and integration. Besides, ExamSnap AZ-301 is designed to have the following key characteristics:

  • The questions in the main exam range from 40-60;
  • The time given to finish the assessment equals 150 minutes;
  • Candidates should expect formats such as multiple-choice, build lists, active screen, etc.;
  • It is a closed book exam and no external resources are allowed;
  • Each candidate must pay an exam price of $165.

It’s also to be noted that Microsoft ensures that the professionals keep pace with the rapidly growing technology. As a result, the new version of the AZ-301 exam, which is AZ-304, is going to be available around June 29, 2020. However, candidates will be allowed to take AZ-301 until it fully retires on September 30, 2020.

Upon performing great in your Microsoft AZ-301, candidates will be awarded the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential, which proves that the candidate has the competency and prowess to become an Azure Solutions Architect. AZ-301 is not the only exam which test-takers require to get certified, one must also pass AZ-300 assessment to completely achieve this badge.

How to Pass AZ-301 Easily?

Every certification exam requires the candidates to be proficient in the key test topics. As a candidate who aims at getting the expert-level credential, you have to put in practice the best techniques to ace your performance. After passing AZ-300 and AZ-301, it is prudent to share the best techniques which the candidates should implement in their prep process:

  • Use assessment objectives as a checklist

This should be your first step in preparing for any certification exam. The test objectives give you a clear outline of what you are supposed to be conversant with before you take the actual assessment. Therefore, you should ensure that you have met some of the exam objectives once you prepare. This will help you get ready to face the actual exam because you would have covered all that it tests you on.

  • Train accordingly

There is also a need to take relevant training. You have to find the best courses that will enable you to get the actual insights into the main exam. The vendor offers you 4 great instructor-led training courses which are fully conducted by experienced trainers who know what you need to pass your AZ-301 exam. As you get along with these courses, it is important to follow every lecture without missing even a second because every sentence matters a lot. You have to follow keenly and make notes where you find complex to understand.

  • Take lab sessions seriously

To gain hands-on skills in various concepts, the instructor-led courses include lab sessions that are very important and should never be skipped whatsoever. Follow every lab session and ensure that you have got the same output as the instructor. One way of ensuring that you have made better use of the lab session is to develop your own lab on your computer. Install the necessary plugins that will enable you to manage and administrate the virtual Azure platform on your computer.

  • Practice to be perfect

You are not yet done until you evaluate your understanding by taking the practice questions from an exam dump. Effective exam dumps for AZ-301 can be sourced from the website. This provider sells the AZ-301 Premium Bundle ($39,97) that includes a validated exam dump, a study guide, and a training course of lectures for your test prep. Moreover, you can choose to use FREE vce files that were uploaded to by the previous candidates for the Microsoft AZ-301 assessment. Also, use the VCE Player to open these dumps, and your prep procedure will be pleasant and easy.

So, using the dumps offered at ExamSnap will enable you to know if you are ready to face the main test. These exam dumps will also help you identify your weak points and fill in the gaps in your knowledge before you get to the real assessment setup. As a result, you become perfect in answering the questions related to AZ-301.

  • Study with friends

Friends who are preparing for the same assessment are very important in perfecting your knowledge and skills. A focused group discussion will help you blend your knowledge hence increasing your ability to answer even the complex questions easily. To get the best out of any discussion, you should take part in answering questions related to the AZ-301 exam.

Career Prospects

Once you’ve aced your AZ-301 test, it means that now you can get your prestigious Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification, which will qualify you, as you might remember, to become a Solutions Architect. According to the latest research done by, the average salary which a Solutions Architect can earn is $119,412 per year.

Final Thought

Microsoft Azure is one of the rapidly growing cloud platforms around the globe. With profound skills and knowledge of Azure architecture, you can win the best jobs in the cloud computing industry. Prepare to pass the Microsoft AZ-301 exam and finally earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge that always comes with a salary boost. And if you want to soon enjoy yours, utilize those reliable exam dumps found on and fulfill your ambitions now!

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