Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic? This Might Open the Doors to Hackers

Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic? This Might Open the Doors to Hackers

As people started working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people got fooled by hackers. Some people pretended to be trying to solve an IT problem to have access to computers and people’s private information. Students and children that are taking online classes are also prone to be fooled by tech support scammers.

So, instead of watching how all your programs and private information gets lost, why not ensure that you keep everything safe and secure? You can protect your identity by using the following steps above.

Secure Your Network

An unsecured network means that unauthorized users can have access to it. Avoid this by controlling who can have access to your data. Make sure that you start by allowing only authorized users to access your platform and your systems. Most people get their personal information lost since they don’t use prevention, or intrusion detection systems.

When working from home, make sure that you use a strong, secure internet password. People started to put more and more attention to safety measures when using wireless connections. Try to dramatically improve your wifi network security by using sophisticated passwords. It will help you avoid hackers to attempt to your password. Passwords such as personal names, or too short and easy words should be completely avoided.

Consider taking the time needed to make sure that the security that you use is properly configured. If you don’t take the correct precautions in time, you might allow scammers to have access to your data. If you are working from a public place, make sure that you don’t trust public WI-fi networks. Also, make sure that you don’t set your device to auto-connect to any Wi-fi networks.

Use a Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

A VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is one of the good reasons why people can safely work from home. You may wonder what a VPN is? A VPN can offer you privacy online and secure your data. It is used by most people today because it is one of the best options when it comes to protecting your personal information. Choosing the right VPN is an essential step in keeping everything secure on your device.

Internet security should be taken into consideration by most people, especially the ones that work from a computer. People often don’t pay attention to the WI-fi that they are connecting to. Most of them are not even afraid that their information might be lost.

It’s what hackers do! They are looking to put pressure on you by stealing your photos, get access to your bank accounts, or steal your identity. These are just some of the horrible things that might happen to those that don’t secure their networks. So, do you think that it’s a good time to get a VPN?

Keep Your Physical Workspace Secure and Safe

Also, keeping your physical workplace devices secure is essential. Make sure that you store every device every time you are done using it. And don’t let your laptop or computer unlocked. When you are working, try to use your work computer, instead of using your personal one.

Family members are not a reason to be allowed to use your devices. It is important to consider that using a different computer for work is critical. If you have siblings that want to have access to one of your devices, make sure that you allow them to use your personal computer. For safety measures, keep your passwords secret. After all, it’s personal information and you don’t have to share it with everyone.

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