Demi Lovato Shows Her Splendid Body On An Instagram Post

Back Off Haters, Demi’s On Fire!

Demi Lovato shows us that beauty starts from within. Reflecting it in self-love rather than in the body.
The singer Demi Lovato is a pioneer in removing the taboo of the “perfect body”, that a woman needs to be perfect to fit into the music industry. What is perfection? Only one stereotype that is inculcated into society. Something ephemeral.

The singer of “Confident” has posted certain post on her Instagram showing her body in a bathing suit, fans have noticed these photos. In the end, Ellen DeGeneres mentioned it and could not help but applaud the safety and confidence of the star.

Demi Lovato
by People

“I’ve been working on myself for the past year, more so than I’ve ever worked on myself. I’ve really surrendered to the process of just learning to love yourself, and I feel like it shows through my pictures,” Demi said in the all-new Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I post more bathing suit pictures online. I want to show my fans that it’s possible that they can get to that self-love too.”

Not everything can be rosy for Demi because where there are positive comments about her figure and security there are also negative comments from haters. People who are far from being friendly and feel the need to leave these types of comments online. But according to the singer, the “enemies” no longer have power over her.

“I’ve taken away the power from the negative comments and the haters by not listening to them and if I do see it, I just feel sorry for them, because who leaves a negative comment on somebody’s profile on the internet?” she explained. “You have to be kind of sad to do that. I’ve taken away the power, and it just feels great.” 

 Great advances for the singer

Although Demi says that her advances have been many, she’s still a bit self-conscious about the picture of a swimsuit that she published on January 4th.

This photo has received more than 3.3 million Likes and this is partly due to the very authentic title and happiness that can be seen in the essence of the photo.

“I was really hesitant about posting that because I did not love my legs in it.” I’m a perfectionist. , ‘You know what, it’s me, it’s who I am and I love my body, so I’m just going to post it,’ “she shared.
“I posted it because I look so happy,” Demi added. “That’s what I love about that picture.”

Demi Lovato
by Posugar

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