Chris Evans Talks About The End Of Captain America For Him

This Is Really Sad

Some characters have a specific face, especially when an actor plays them in an incredible way. That’s why the news of Chris Evans, and Robert Downy Jr., stepping down from the MCU is so sad for many fans. As their contract is close to an end.

But it’s Evans who is the closest of them all. As the producers from Marvel have their heads on the final Avenger movies and are too busy with it to talk about a new contract. Avengers: Infinity Wars two upcoming movies supposedly will bring a conclusion to all the previous Marvel movies.

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New Captain America?

As Evans said, on interviews with USA Today and on Ellen Degeneres show, that his days as Captain America might be close to an end. “My contract is up. I have Avengers three and four. We do three now and four in the later part of the year and then after that, that is the end of my contract. It’s really not up to me.” He said on Ellen.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to talking about an extension of his contract. Since he loves to play the face behind the blue mask. “I love the character. The only reason it would end is ‘cause my contract is up. (…) Talk to Marvel. If we engage further, I’d be open to it. I love the character. It’s almost like high school. You certainly always look to senior year, and then, all of a sudden, senior year happens and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I’m ready to go.’ It’s tough thinking about not playing the guy.” Evans continued.

Willing to pass on the shield

“I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be hard for me. But the passing of time and the passing of torches is part of the experience. Nothing lasts forever. There’s a beauty in that departure, even if it can be sad at times. It’s also joyful.” He stated on USA Today.

Even though Evans, as most of the fans would find really hard to picture Captain America with another face. “I’ve had a great run. Superheroes are reinvented entities, like Batman or even James Bond. These movies find new incarnations and new ways to tell the story. I am all for it. (..) I walk away with no regrets and endlessly thankful.”

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Similar situations

Along with Evans, Robert Downey JR.’s contract is also close to concluding. “Downey is far closer to reaching that point where he may walk away. And I don’t know how you replace Downey as Tony Stark. I don’t know who else can touch that.” Evans said If this is true, many fans hope that the speculations of Tony Stark taking a more strategic role be true, in a Nick Fury style.

Evans still hasn’t been on set for Infinity Wars, as he starts in May. Due the ever-expanding cast and thing that will appear in the film. The only thing Evans admitted he won’t miss from the Captain America’s movies is the exercise routine.  “I’m just going to get fat. Potato chips, ice cream before bed. It’s like, ‘Guess what, everyone!'” Avengers: Infinity War will premiere on a May 4, 2018, and its sequel on May 3, 2019.

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