The 5 Moments In Life That Define You

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Throughout your life, there are various times that will end up being a bit more significant than others in shaping your life and your future. Some you will have no control over and others you can make very significant decisions that can drastically alter your path in life. Let’s take a look at some of these and what stages of life they appear at.

The Day You Were Born

The day you were born, or more accurately where you were born and to whom. Who your parents are, their ethnicity, social class and nationality are strong indicators of who you will be as a person. It will determine what type of family values you will grow up being taught. It will affect what type of family pastimes you will enjoy, are you in an active family for example. It may affect where you are sent to school, or what level of support, if any, you would receive upon choosing to enter into higher education.

When You Choose Your Friends

Admittedly this section is somewhat connected to the last as your early childhood friends will be dictated by your parents either by choice in the children of their friends or whoever lives nearby where they have chosen to live. As you get older and through school education and work you will meet your own friends, who in varying degrees will introduce you to activities, music, experiences etc and will shape your life and interests.

Your Education

Your education is key in shaping how your life will develop in a couple of different ways. As we mentioned above where you went to school and those formative years are vitally important as it sets your foundation and some lifetime friendships. But in terms of how your life might turn out in the next stage of the university, college or work then high school grades are so important! A Level Results Day could be the single most important day in your life in this regard as it can determine the next big step which can influence all the following steps.

When You Get Your First Job

Also important professionally is your first job. It is where you first learn to adapt to the professional world and gain some vital skills and experience. Unless you’ve landed your dream job in your preferred industry remember this job might not be forever but making sure you learn the correct skills and do well to give you a platform to succeed from is important as it’s an important first link in the chain, see this article as a good example of skills to pick up in a particular job.

Marriage, Kids & Family, or Not

Eventually, you will have to decide what to do with your life other than career and the big question here is to get married and have a family or not? Increasingly many more people these days don’t and feel that they will get much more out of life pursuing their own dreams and desires, and you’ll certainly be better off financially by choosing this route. But many of us feel the draw of family life is too much for us.

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