21 Things People Always Forget To Bring To College

Packing for college 101

Are you going off to college? You might think you have it all covered and that you’ve already packed everything you’ll need to live in a dorm. But let me tell you that there are things you’ll forget to bring to college, for sure. Regardless if it’s your first time on campus, or if you are just moving in again, there are some college essentials you wouldn’t want to forget.

So, now you might be asking yourself: what should I bring to college? Well, here is a list of the 23 most common things people forget to bring to campus.

1. Can opener

Imagine you arrive at your dorm after a snowstorm and there it is, a beautiful chicken noodle soup that you just can’t wait to enjoy and be delighted by the warm feeling. But guess what? You don’t have anything to open it. Not cool, bro. Not cool.


2. Brita Water Pitcher

The water at college is OK, but it tastes so much better when it is filtered. Plus, you will have plenty more water in the pitcher for you to drink when you are feeling the hangover all over your spine.

Brita Water Pitcher

3. Cleaning supplies

Nothing a Lysol disinfecting wipe can’t fix, right?


4. Memory foam mattress pad

Because everybody knows how disgusting college mattresses can be. So if you want to sleep without bedbugs, this is a MUST.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad

5. Backup toilet paper

Need to say more?


6. Netflix

This is for sure, a gift sent from God. Don’t underestimate its power.


7. Eye mask

Because tipsy roommates aren’t that caring.

Eye mask

8. Real food

I am not talking about that extra large bag of Doritos. I am talking about some Mac and Cheese, Soup, Tuna fish, Spaghetti-O’s, or whatever you might crave at 1 o’clock in the morning.

Mac and Cheese

9. Power strip

We are aware of the fact that dorms don’t have that many power outlets.

Power strip

10. Maturity

It really is the most forgotten item.


11. Duck Tape

EVERYTHING can be fixed with duck tape. Duck tape is the force.


12. Speakers

Nothing beats taking a shower along with you favorite playlist.


13. Bussiness casual wear

A lot of college students forget to pack this kind of outfits, and I am pretty sure it is an essential if are trying to get that job.


14. Febreze

It can get smell and ain’t nobody got time for that.


15. Band-Aids

Nope. That one box, won’t do the job. Trust me.


16. Your dog’s picture

You should be ashamed of yourself if you leave this at home!


17. Umbrella

Don’t be stubborn! You will thank me later.


18. Tissues

You are a human being. You will get sick, eventually.


19. Command Hooks

They won’t mess up the wall, nor the paint. So if you would like to avoid losing money on residential services, this is a go-to essential.

command hooks

20. Lights

You will be surprised by how poorly lit the dorms are.


21. Silverware

You can’t slurp the Mac and Cheese for the next four years.







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