What to Consider When Buying a Razer Gaming Chair in Singapore

What to Consider When Buying a Razer Gaming Chair in Singapore

Buying a razer chair for gaming in Singapore comes along with several hassles because of the several models available in the market. The notion of buying comes with mixed reactions in the community as every individual has their likes and preferences. While some people like the classic-looking office-style seats, others prefer the cool-looking razer gaming chairs with ornate designs. If you are planning to buy top Razer gaming chairs, you should not rush into doing so, as there are plenty of things to consider. The razer chairs for gaming can be comfy, good-looking, and ergonomic, but is this enough to make you buy one? For hassle-free shopping, here are some essential things to look at before purchasing one.

1. Height and weight

Razer gaming chairs are not built equally; some are heavy, others light, etc. You should, therefore, consider your body type before buying. One razer chair for gaming can fit one person but fail to work for another. Some manufacturers offer different models based on the user’s weight and height. For instance, European-sized razer chairs might not be comfortable for Asian users and vice-versa. If you are shopping online, be sure to check for razer manufacturers that have a sizing chart.

2. The features included in the razer chair.

You should not just buy any razer chair for gaming without considering the features that are included. One of the main features that you should look at is adjustability. This is not limited to reclining but also contains other adjustability options. Some razer gaming chairs offer lumbar support, armrest adjustment, height adjustment, and much more. Additionally, it is essential to note that the angle of recline differs from one manufacturer to another. Some max out at a certain angle while others recline flat. Some gamer chair manufacturers also allow the seat to be locked at a specific angle. The adjustment might be minor, but it is of great help in providing comfort.

3. Lumbar pillows

In most cases, lumbar pillows are often inbuilt in the chair’s body, but manufacturers include them if it is not included. But, these lumbar pillows are a miss or a hit. They are either too good or too big to be on the comfy side. In addition, different people have different body types; therefore, it is challenging to create one size fits all chair for the lumbar support pillow.

4. Aesthetics

Most gaming chairs on the market today are based on the racing chair design. As a result, there have been notions that gaming chairs have good looks but lack the comfort needed. But this does not mean that razer gaming chairs are not comfortable. The first consideration to take when buying a razer chair for gaming is its design. Find a razer gaming chair whose design prioritizes your comfort. There are plenty of them that offer comfort and great looks.


Razer has built several ergonomic and comfy chairs for gaming that most gamers love. However, this does not mean one chair model can fit all users. For this reason, it is essential to know the things to consider before buying your razer chair for gaming for the ultimate gaming experience.

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