Ways to Stay Clean & Fresh

Ways to Stay Clean & Fresh

With summer being just around the corner, we could not help but sigh when we think about the rising temperatures in the city. Riding the subway, walking to work, or simply sitting at your desk can get really uncomfortable.

Before venturing on and buying all sorts of stuff to help you with this ongoing problem, we have a little piece of advice for you! This article will present a couple of ways to keep yourself fresh and clean all day long!

Body odor is something that naturally happens to everyone, but it can be a little too much in summer, especially if you are a girl. Knowing yourself is the first thing that experts recommend: knowing your natural scent, level of discharge, color, and amount, is something that every woman should pay attention to.

If you find yourself struggling with an unusual odor, even after you just took a shower, then these tips might come in handy for you. Just remember: if this problem persists, you might want to schedule an appointment with your health care provider, just in case if the problem is more severe than you thought. Let’s see what you can do to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the summer heat!

1. Avoid synthetic materials underwear!

Especially in the summer, your sensitive area skin needs to breathe! That area contains many glands that produce sweat to flush the bacteria out of your system and cool down your organism. By using synthetic underwear, all the moisture piles up and it can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

You also risk getting a bacterial infection in the long run. Make sure always to use natural fabric underwear, such as cotton underwear, which allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture.

2. Avoid scented soaps and gels!

Using scented soaps on your sensitive area is a big NO-NO! These types of soaps leave a trace of perfume behind on your sensitive skin and it makes you prone to developing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Also, because of the natural level of vaginal pH, the perfume’s ingredients break down and it often makes you smell worse!

Experts recommend using unscented soap, specially made for feminine hygiene. These kinds of soaps do not include irritants, dyes, or perfume.

3. A new loofa is the answer!

When it comes to washing and cleaning your sensitive area, you might want to consider using a loofa for proper cleaning! It is much easier to wash with a washcloth or a gentle loofa. In fact, that’s all you need for adequate hygiene: warm water, a washcloth, and unscented soap!

4. Learn how to take care of yourself!

When it comes to washing your sensitive area, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Use warm water to rinse that area and gently clean between folds.

To keep the feeling of freshness going for a longer time, be sure to wash the area between the vagina and the rectum, too! The perineum should always be washed from front to back to reduce the chance of getting an infection.

5. Avoid wet wipes and sprays!

Using wet wipes or sprays instead of taking showers is not the same. To make sure you avoid getting a yeast infection or a bacterial infection, make sure to avoid using those products that often contain fragrances or other irritants.

6. Say no to douches!

Your vagina has a natural self-cleaning mechanism, and it does not need help when it comes to flushing bacteria out of your system! By douching, you also remove the good bacteria you’re your vaginal flora, and this also affects the pH balance of your vagina. Never douche unless your doctor has advised you otherwise.

7. Go commando from time to time!

If you are one of the people that hates sleeping without underwear, well, we have some news for you: experts say that going commando might be good for your health! This will allow your lady parts to breathe and remove moisture from your sensitive area.

8. Keep it short!

As we mentioned earlier, your sensitive area contains many sweat glands that flush out bacteria from your system. Having hair down there can trap bacteria and become unhygienic for you, causing a pungent smell.

You should try trimming your hair, waxing it, or shaving it, and you will feel much fresher and cleaner!

9. Choose pads over tampons!

We know it too well; periods can make you feel really uncomfortable! Sometimes even one week before getting your period, you might not be feeling so fresh. The vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism, and it usually does that according to your menstrual cycle.

If this is the case for you, there’s nothing much you could do about it as it is only natural for it to happen. Just take usual, regular showers, make sure you clean your lady bits with unscented soap, and everything will go back to normal as soon as your period ends.

Good vaginal hygiene means using pads over tampons, too. If left in for too long, tampons can cause TSS or sepsis and weird bodily odors. If you have a busy life and often forget to change your tampon from time to time, we recommend using sanitary pads over tampons. Sanitary pads can be uncomfortable, but they are more hygienic than tampons, and, most importantly, they are placed outside the body.

10. Pantyliners are a woman’s best friends!

In the excruciating summer heat, pantyliners are a girl’s best friends: they absorb all the moisture and make sure that your lady bits are safe and sounds! Do not use scented pantyliners and change them every couple of hours, and you should be good as new!

Following this little piece of advice, we hope you will be feeling fresh and clean all day long, and you will be ready to venture into the unknown and have lots and lots of fun!

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