Useful Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Useful Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Many people have different concerns that can stop them from traveling, one of which is the fear of what may happen to their health while traveling in an unfamiliar country. They may also be afraid of getting exposed to different weather conditions, food, viruses, and situations. All of these things may affect their mental and physical health, so they hesitate and think twice before deciding to book a ticket. However, you should face your fears and step out of your comfort zone to be able to make the best of your life. With that being said, here are some useful tips to help you stay healthy wherever you are.

Visit a Doctor

The first thing you should check before traveling to any foreign destination is the diseases and infections abundant in the country you’re traveling to. For instance, if you are going to South Africa or other tropical areas, you may need to take a vaccine for certain viruses to stay safe. Accordingly, you should visit your doctor to receive the necessary vaccinations before going on your trip. That way, you will decrease the risk of getting seriously ill abroad.

Steer Clear From Aisle Seats

Booking the tickets early will give you a few advantages; you can book them at a lower price and you get to choose the seats you want. A pro-tip is to steer clear from aisle seats, even if you think that it provides easier access to get up and walk around. This is because you will be disturbed when the person next to you wants to move.

Another reason to avoid these kinds of seats is to save yourself from contagions. If someone on the plane is sick and walks down the aisle, they could infect you while leaning on the seat’s headrests and arms. This is why it’s better to sit in the middle or next to the window to save yourself from all of this hassle.

Stay on a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food is necessary whether you are staying at home or traveling. This is because healthy meals will help your immune system combat diseases and give you more energy to go about your day. The nutritionists at stress the importance of consuming the optimum amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins per day, even if you are too busy on your trip. This will give your immune system a boost and will naturally protect you from infection. When you’re abroad, try not to solely depend on takeout. You can try various kinds of ingredients that have health benefits and also taste good.

Doing your research before traveling is important, so you can educate yourself on the food consumed in the city you’re visiting. You should make sure that any meal you eat is well-cooked because you can’t know the source of the meat or chicken, for instance. Avoiding raw vegetables and fish is crucial in protecting yourself against bacteria.

When it comes to drinks, the best thing you can drink is water to stay hydrated on your vacation. However, it is recommended that you don’t drink tap water or unfiltered water.  Keep a bottle with you at all times to remember to drink throughout the day. Make it a habit to drink two glasses when you wake up to freshen your body.

The kind of drinks you should have in moderation are alcoholic and sweet drinks. This is because alcohol dehydrates you, disrupts your sleep, and gives you headaches the next day which can ruin your vacation. While sweet drinks will add unnecessary calories that are better consumed from food.


Some people get anxious easily, especially before going on planes. If you are one of them, you can try meditating every day until the day of the flight to help you clear your mind. You can also take anti-anxiety medications to ease your ride on the plane. During your flight, try to do some breathing exercises a couple of times to calm yourself.

Grab a First-Aid Kit

Since the place you are visiting is foreign to you, it is hard to predict when you may fall ill or get into an accident, or even sustain minor scrapes or cuts. That’s why it’s helpful to always be prepared by having a first-aid kit with you everywhere you go. It should include painkillers, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and bandages. If you suffer from a chronic disease that requires special medications, make sure to have them with you.

The best way to stay healthy while traveling is to do your research and understand the conditions of the place you are visiting. It also helps if you get a check-up before traveling so you can take any needed medications before going on a plane, pack everything necessary, and determine the kind of food that is easy on your stomach. Make sure to stay hydrated at all times because it is key to being healthy.

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