Why This Coat by Hermes Isn’t Just for Equestrians – Review of the Tundra Down Jacket

Why This Coat by Hermes Isn't Just for Equestrians - Review of the Tundra Down Jacket

Whether you call it a down jacket or a puffer jacket, the evident comfort of this popular outerwear remains unchallenged. Through its puffy sections and sleek material, the jacket also brings plenty of style to the table.

The jacket’s comfortable warmth comes from the “down” or internal feather material that’s sourced through various birds before it’s sewn inside of the jacket. Whereas, its unbeatable allure comes through the intricate stitching that brings all of its internal and external materials together.

As a result, the down jacket has become an essential fashion statement for those who want to embrace the outdoors without being exposed to its harsh winds. This especially holds for equestrians during the winter season. But the puffer jacket is by no means claimed by horseback riders alone.

Take the Tundra Down Jacket by Hermes, for instance. Visit site, its intelligent design, waterproof fabric, and warmth-inducing filling have become a popular addition to every fashion maven’s wardrobe.

Whether you are a connoisseur of high fashion or want to buy a timeless piece of luxury clothing, the Tundra Down Jacket doesn’t disappoint.

Premium Materials Shine Through Ultimate Style

Founded in 1837, Hermes is known for the premium quality and defining aesthetic of its pieces. From the legendary Birkin to the bold Clic Clac H bracelet, the brand is known for producing items that can stand the test of time.

Keeping that in mind, it is not surprising to see how the brand’s contribution to the demand for down jackets appeals to almost everyone.

Through the Tundra Down Jacket, Hermes can put its signature spin on the puffer jacket trend. By combining top-notch materials with clean cuts, the brand has created a down jacket that is simultaneously comfortable and captivating.

Fashioned in the shape of a hooded jacket, the Tundra Down Jacket comes in a deep navy blue perfect for cloudy mornings and dark evenings alike.

The full-sleeve jacket is adorned with slanted stitching on the front, creating patterned panels that hold the down material within them. The polyamide and elastane material make the jacket waterproof yet keeps it breathable for your comfort. Despite the visibly-puffy panels, the jacket’s overall fit and weight allow maximum mobility through your movements.

The result? A sleek jacket that sports a high collar, with a bold design profile to boot. But this snazzy outerwear doesn’t end its effects there. Through its carefully-stitched down material, it provides you with the protection you need from the cold no matter where you decide to wear it.

The Jacket is Ideal for Casual Wear

With its focus on high warmth and free movement, the Tundra Down Jacket is tailor-made for equestrians.

But as mentioned above, you don’t have to take a horseback ride to enjoy this jacket in all its glory. Due to its overall style, the jacket is perfect to be worn on casual walks and planned hangouts. Whether you are taking a morning stroll with your family or holding an outdoor event with friends, you can confidently pair this jacket with various outfits.

Apart from the exceptional fit, the jacket’s hooded design and high collar make it an ideal piece to elevate your casual jeans and t-shirt. But even if you are wearing chinos or khakis with a button-down, the jacket can pair up well with them to bring your style to the next level.

Thanks to the jacket’s waterproof material, you don’t have to worry about getting your precious outerwear soaked in the winter drizzle. But with all thanks to the jacket’s breathability, you don’t have to worry about drowning in your sweat. Despite being warm, toasty, and dry, the jacket’s high-quality zipper design lets you take in the air when you need it the most.

It is Exceptionally Fit for the Holidays

Apart from exuding luxurious style through every inch of its stitching, the Tundra Down Jacket also surpasses expectations in the comfort department. The jacket feels like a warm hug that stays on even through damp and cold weather through its high-quality technical fabric and its premium filling.

Since the jacket is lightweight, it doesn’t feel like it’s wearing you down even after you have it on for hours. No matter if you are eating dinner in the chilly outdoors or walking through open markets to find the perfect holiday presents for loved ones, it stays snug and fit on your shoulders to keep you warm.

This makes the Tundra Down Jacket an exceptional fit for your holiday season attire. No matter if you are in a region where social distancing is required for public health or camping out somewhere where crowd restrictions are more relaxed, this jacket can help you stand out through the winter season.

Given that the jacket comes in a dark color, it further adds to its overall value for the holidays. Whether you pair it with brightly-shaded outfits or neutral-colored ensembles, you can confidently wear it repeatedly while pulling off a wholly different look each time.

It Also Makes for a Wonderful Gift

Since winter is associated with giving back, the Tundra Down Jacket’s use also seamlessly fits into the season.

Want it as a present yourself? Add it to your wishlist. Need to put a smile on a loved one’s face? Gift it to them over the holidays. Just feel like treating yourself? Buy it for yourself. With so many possibilities, you can find an abundance of reasons to get your hands on this luxury piece. This only strengthens the point that the jacket is not just made for equestrians alone.

Overall, the Tundra Down Jacket lives up to expectations in terms of usage, functionality, and, most of all, style. It ticks all the boxes of a high fashion piece and pulls off that feat with unmistakable style. If you are looking for new additions to your wardrobe this season, getting a Tundra Down jacket might be a good idea.

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