Underrated Business Tech Your Company Should Be Using

Underrated Business Tech Your Company Should Be Using

Technology plays an essential in the operations of most businesses today. It does everything from helping save money, better-assisting customers, to improving the efficiency of tasks. Over the last few years and decades, many incredible pieces of technology and software have changed the landscape of business.

While there are some technologies that almost every business uses – such as email, accounting software, and social media – these aren’t the only ones worth considering. With that in mind, here are some underrated business tech solutions that your business should consider using.

Online Faxing

If your business has been around for a while, there is a good chance your office is home to a large and clunky fax machine. While they once served a great purpose and helped businesses communicate securely, they are somewhat obsolete in today’s day and age. Instead of getting rid of fax altogether, consider using online faxing from a provider such as

Online faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from any device, without the need for an expensive and cumbersome fax machine. Online faxing is incredibly secure and allows you to easily store all of your faxes online. This makes it easy to search through old faxes and makes sharing them incredibly simple as well. Many give you the option to electronically sign documents as well, if necessary.

Predictive Analytics

Analytics are vital when it comes to helping a company judge the success of a marketing campaign, or to determine how well social media or blog posts are performing. But in addition to being helpful when looking back, sometimes analytics can help you look forward. This is called predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is when previous data, along with AI/machine learning, is used to help predict the likelihood of something occurring in the future.

Companies use predictive analytics to make more accurate forecasts, uncover new opportunities, and identify risks, as well as make important business-related decisions. While the method isn’t perfect, it is certainly more reliable than previous methods and tools. We are beginning to see more companies jump on board and the industry is growing, but the technology is still incredibly underrated for the number of benefits it can provide.

Project Management Software

Another type of underrated technology that your business should be putting to use is project management software. There are several good options to consider, such as Slack, Trello, Asana, and Basecamp, just to name a few. They allow your employees to collaborate on projects in one simple place.

They often include file-sharing capabilities, the ability to leave notes and comments, and they make communication between team members simple. These pieces of software can act as a one-stop-shop to ensure all of your company’s projects are being managed efficiently. This type of software will keep everyone on the same page and reduce confusion as to who is responsible for doing what.

This software can also be incredibly beneficial to companies that have remote teams of employees. Working remotely is becoming much more common, as the prevalence of remote work has grown by over 90% in the last decade. Having software that allows people to communicate and collaborate wherever they are is incredibly beneficial, and ensures no one feels left out simply because they aren’t in the office.

Improve Your Business with the Right Tech

Whether you decide to make the switch to online faxing, utilize predictive analytics, or enlist the help of project management software, these are all underrated tools and technologies that can help you improve your business. They are far from the only underrated tools you should consider using but are among the best to get you started on a more modern business model.

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