Top Plagiarism Checkers to Create Original Papers

Top Plagiarism Checkers to Create Original Papers

Plagiarism is a serious issue that can lead to severe consequences, including failing grades or even expulsion. Still, many young people struggle with creating original papers, especially when citing many sources and relying on extensive research work. That’s why they should always use online plagiarism checkers to ensure the originality of their texts. Yet, learning what checkers to trust also takes experience and research.

Overall, all students should understand the importance and variety of plagiarism checkers as they can help you improve your academic performance and reduce stress regarding submission. See why and how to choose a plagiarism checker alone with the top checkers on the Internet today.

Why should you use plagiarism checkers?

Most students are rather reluctant to use plagiarism checkers on their work. They either don’t trust the online checkers or don’t understand the reason for doing so. Well, the article will cover the first issue further in the text. Meanwhile, let’s see the three main reasons for using plagiarism checkers before submitting a paper.

Avoiding legal issues

First and foremost, you want to avoid all the trouble and repercussions after submitting a plagiarized paper. You don’t even need to commit the crime to be found guilty. Poorly paraphrased sentences missed citing marks, and lack of originality in expression will easily trigger plagiarism checkers.


As you can see, submitting original papers requires a lot of effort. However, doing so will also build your credit among educators and peers. You get to be sure in every paper you submit and earn a good reputation among teachers.

Improved writing

Plagiarism checkers will also show you where you go wrong in texts. Thus, you can learn from your mistakes and work on solving these errors once and for all. Plus, it is a great tool to teach you to express thoughts originally even when paraphrasing.

How to recognize a reliable checker?

Answering students’ first and main concern – there are certain rules on recognizing a good plagiarism checker. For instance, a checker’s site, its appearance, and presented user experience play a large role in your overall impression. If you don’t like it or don’t find it secure, don’t use it. You should be confident that your documents are safe with them.

Second, see what they say about their database. It should contain thousands and millions of sites, books, articles, and other sources to run your paper against. If they don’t brag about the database, they don’t have enough to impress you. It’s not a good sign.

Also, the checker should be able to find matches when plagiarism is detected. It should direct you to the sources instead of generating a random number of the paper’s originality.

Now let’s see the main plagiarism checkers that always comply with the rules above.


Most students know Grammarly as the grammar checker to correct texts and messages online. Of course, this is the prior purpose of this internationally loved platform. However, quite a while ago, Grammarly has also become a plagiarism checker. Though, this feature is available only for subscribed users.

A free version can still run you a check and give results. However, it won’t be anything but the overall originality score. So, if plagiarism is detected, there is no chance of learning where it hides. However, it relies on billions of web pages and academic databases, making it a good investment for any student.


Turnitin is maybe the oldest plagiarism checker on the market. That’s when you know that you can trust the product. This platform has been giving students opportunities to detect, correct, and prevent any plagiarism in the given works and in the future. The site interface is very simple and straightforward, helping you cut right to the core of the issue.

You can submit the text there without worrying about losing its credibility. After a while, you receive clear results showing the plagiarism percentage of the text. All areas where plagiarism was detected will be highlighted. By clicking on those areas, you see a new window showing the links the checker perceives as the original sources. It’s all easy and fast.

The checker’s long presence on the market allowed it to gather an extensive database. It has also earned him a good reputation among students and institutions. Hence, there is a good chance your teachers use Turnitin to check your papers’ originality.

Unicheck review

Unicheck is another popular and reliable plagiarism checker for students. It gives you sources on all identified plagiarized sentences. You can trust the site with your documents without fear of them going online, and it has live support if you need assistance.

You can test the checker’s work for free. However, a trial allows only 200 words. So it’s really more a test for how you like the service rather than a chance to check your document. Of course, your other option can always be ordering a professionally written essay from Such a solution may save time and result in a perfectly original paper.

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