Top Interesting Websites to Help Distract and Pass the Time

Top Interesting Websites to Help Distract and Pass the Time

Everyone during the day, especially after hard work, wants to relax and tries to find information on the World Wide Web that is entertaining.

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But this is not the only way. In this article, we will tell you about the services that can help you bring a positive attitude to your everyday life and have a good time.

Museum of Endangered Sounds

As the name of the resource implies, this is a library of nostalgic sounds, which some might associate with childhood, adolescence, or other periods of life. There’s the crackle of a vinyl record player, the click of a typewriter, the ringing of an old Nokia phone, a tune from Pac-Man, and more. One tap to turn the sound on and a second tap to turn it off. Sounds can be combined to create nice background noise.

It’s like a magic box that can change your perception. generates an impressive range of environmental sounds. These include realistic nature sounds, industrial building noises, synthetic noises, voices, atmospheres, voices, landscapes, brain frequencies, and many other tonalities. You can choose among dozens of different sounds and then apply different settings to them, adjusting the character of the noise.

Have you ever heard a cat purring? These noises are also great for meditation, mood tuning, blocking out unwanted noise, improving concentration or creativity, and they may even have positive effects on your health.

It’s also good to combine them together by opening several different tabs or combine the noises with something visual, like a real-time view of the Earth from space, with a twilight noise, or with a spaceship noise (or both together?).


Live streaming of more than 23,000 radio stations from around the world. You can find the right wave by music genre or search by name. Each station displays the number of listeners, the bitrate, the song playing, and a direct link to go to the site.

EarthCam Gigapixel Panorama

The most detailed panorama of New York City was taken from the Empire State Building using a robotic camera. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the picture, and by clicking and dragging change the angle of view. Also, points of interest are marked on the image, allowing you to learn more about the objects in front of your eyes.


Another great service. Drawing is a great way to relax and relieve stress, and it improves your creativity. Silk is an interactive art generation app that lets you draw fractals of stunning beauty and high complexity. Try dragging your mouse over a black canvas and see what happens. And it will all be accompanied by an intriguing whistling and soft ringing as you create something new.

You can use the toolbar to select different colors, symmetries, and some other options that will give you more creative control.

Silk quickly draws you in and distracts you from your stressful thoughts. That’s pretty much the goal of this site, to get the visitor to create their own relaxing images. The beauty of it is that even if you happen to make an “extra sketch” somewhere, it will still fit perfectly into the picture. So you don’t even have to think about how to draw, just do it! By the way, you can keep the pictures you like as a memento.


If with Silk you could do great paintings easily, with ToneMatrix you can do great melodies just as easily! It’s simply a matrix of squares, each one producing a specific tone and accompanied by a beautiful visual ripple when activated. By drawing on the matrix, you will be able to create different melodies. You can play around and draw something with visual meaning, like your initials, and listen to how they sound.

This is a pretty good way to engage in a spontaneous, pleasant activity that will soothe the stress that has arisen and inspire you to do new things.

Absolutely beautiful website. As soon as you go to this Web site, you can immediately hear relaxing music and see stunning relaxing visualizations. If you move your mouse, you’ll see a menu pop up (on the right). It allows you to start a “relaxation guide” as well as set a timer. If you’ve ever thought about trying meditation but have never found the time to do it, I promise you, this is the easiest way to get started! Set the timer for a few minutes of free time and just listen to a gentle female voice that will “guide” you. The only nuance is that she speaks English.

The timer is necessary if you suddenly decide to just sit for a while on the site to relax a bit. The timer also ensures that you have free time that you can use to relax and take your mind off your everyday life, then come back to it relaxed and refreshed.


SimplyRain is owned by SimplyNoise and simply plays the sounds of rain for you. You simply move the blue slider to pick the intensity of the rain and the gray one to choose the optimum volume. You also select the frequency of the thunder by pressing the first round button.

Based on different algorithms, SimplyRain, generates a sound in random order, each time you listen. Both the SimplyNoise and SimplyRain apps can also be downloaded for mobile for a small fee.

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