Marvel Creator Stan Lee Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Nurses Who Cared For Him Have Accused Him Of Some Serious Charges

Nurses who cared for the famed creator of fantastic characters Stan Lee report having suffered sexual harassment. They said that he played them in his mansion and asked for oral sex.

Nurses harassed by Stan Lee

During 2017, one of the biggest scandals in Hollywood exploded. The acclaimed producer Harvey Weinstein was on the top of the allegations. Many names came to light. The victims are no longer silent no matter how influential the harasser is. Now, it’s time for this influential Holywood, Stan Lee.

According to an exclusive Daily Mail, the creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and a host of characters was the protagonist of sexual harassment. The nurses who worked for him in his mansion in Los Angeles opened up. Stan Lee has 95 years old and needs medical attention practically 24 hours. According to the complainants, he overcame them.

Allegedly, he asked for “pleasure” in the bedroom. WHAT?
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The trend with walk naked?

Apparently, they were not the only women who complained about this abuse. Each of the nurses who sent the company that Stan Lee hired has complained. The ex-president of Marvel asked for oral sex while he showered. Fondled them and even made them feel uncomfortable with his tendency to walk around naked. He even requested pleasure from the employees.

A legal representative of Stan Lee has denied the Daily Mail these completely defamatory facts. He believes that it is “contemptible accusations” and “will do everything he can to protect his good name and his impeccable character.”

The affected company, whose name is not yet known in this public complaint, severed the relationship with the cartoonist in 2016 after the leaders complained and the harassment continued. Currently, another company is responsible for sending these nurses to the mansion. They affirm Lee’s relationship with her workers is faultless.

This issue of bullying is very sensitive in Hollywood and maybe people want to take advantage of this. Do you have to draw conclusions? Do you believe that Lee despite his age has the opportunity to do this or will it be just a way to get attention?
Stan Lee
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