Shay Mitchell Runs Naked To Celebrate 3 Million YouTube Subscribers

She Wore Nothing But Some Cute Undies And An Unicorn Mask

When you reach 3 million subscribers on a platform as big as YouTube, you have to celebrate it big time. During the weekend, when the actress and YouTuber Shay Mitchell discovered that she had reached this sum of followers, she was so shocked that she had to celebrate it in an unparalleled way. Mitchell ran topless through the streets of Los Angeles.

Unicorn power!

The Pretty Little Liars star took a risk to celebrate these 3 million subscribers. Mitchell commented: “I can not tell you how much it means to have you guys coming along. Especially since when I started the channel it was uncharted territories, ” the 30-year-old actress said in the video.” Now it’s just a learning experience every single week. And I promise you there’s going to be so much more to come, it’s insane. “

Sammy Rosenman is seen in the video agreeing.  Mitchell during her trip to Morocco had promised to undress after reaching the goal of 3 million subscribers. “Do you remember in Morocco on our Shay-cation when you were like, ‘Yeah, I’ll run through the streets when I hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube,” Rosenman explained, concluding, “It’s a legally binding conversation.”

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Taking LA without a bra

Obviously, this Canadian-born star kept her promise on her feet, wearing only her underwear to cover her booty that graciously said: “Nice Buns” and a unicorn mask to hide her identity. “Never say I’m not sticking to a deal” answered Mitchell.

The actress without fear ran through Sunset Blvd despite leaving some people without air “a deal is a deal and I did it. Oh, my God. Guess what happens when I hit 10 [million]? “We cannot wait and see!

In the video, we see how her friend is driving alongside her as she gives this topless marathon through her neighborhood. As expected, people were shocked to see this scenario, also causing some cars to stop to appreciate the show.

Although some viewers have the theory that she used a double for this great feat, we can’t stop laughing at this funny video. Nobody imagined such a cute unicorn running around Los Angeles.

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