Rebel Wilson Is Suing Bauer Media For Destroying Her Reputation And Making Her Lose Contracts

The Court Process Starts This May 22

Rebel Wilson is a well-known actress. She is crazy, Australian and funny as hell, being this why we love her. Since the beloved comedian and actor, known mostly for her roles on “Bridesmaids” and the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, is heading back to her native Australia. Sadly this homecoming isn’t due to the best conditions.

As the known actress is going back to Melbourne to sue man magazines that have trashed her reputation. Wilson is claiming defamatory articles in “Woman’s Day,” “The Australian Women’s Weekly,” “NW” and “OK Magazine” have cost her Hollywood roles. A reason why she is heading to take legal actions in the Melbourne Supreme Court on Friday.

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Fake name, age, and more

The Sydney-born actress will sue several Australian magazines that have made some really strong claims about her. Calling her to be a “serial liar”. Since the articles have said that she lies about age, background and even her name. All of this has obviously damaged her reputation. All the articles were published without her being contacted. The article said Wilson’s actual age was 35, while she claimed that she was 29. Also, that her birth name was Melanie Elizabeth Bownds and that she had a different background in Australia. Wilson’s birth name was Melanie Elizabeth Bownds.

Bauer Media publishes all the magazines online and on print. Being this the main target of Wilson’s legal process. The 37-years old actress took Twitter to rant her frustration about the magazine stories. Wilson first appeared on SBS comedy show “Pizza” as Toula and sketch comedy “The Wedge”. Then she went to the U.S. and turn into an international star.

‘My client’s reputation of an honest person has been destroyed’

Rebel’s lawyer, Renee Enbom, told the Melbourne Supreme Court on Friday that she will give evidence that after the articles were printed her contracts were terminated. Also, Enborn said that her client’s reputation of an honest person has been destroyed. Bringing to the case many occasions that after the articles were published her contracts were ended.”‘Ms. Wilson will give evidence that after the articles, her contracts were terminated. She was told she was too divisive … it’s destroyed (her) reputation as a fair and honest person”.Or that she lost may roles due to it, being Kung Fu Panda III one of the cases.

Wilson will also present and made public her tax returns and finances are expected, to prove her lost earnings. Along with movie contracts. Enbom also said the Melbourne court that Wilson will present evidence to prove the articles led to her film contracts being terminated. Due to the claims of her beeing a “serial liar” and “invented fantastic stories in order to make it in Hollywood”.The trial will begin on May 22 and Wilson is expected to attend in person.

Rebel wilson
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