Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Disability Lawyer

Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Disability Lawyer
Scott Graham

Finding the right lawyer can be a tricky thing, this isn’t just a regular thing you can choose, you want the best help possible when dealing with legal stuff. Finding a disability lawyer is the same as finding any other kind of lawyer, all you need to do is add certain factors, and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for. But first, what exactly are things you need to know during your search? Here are qualities to look for when hiring a disability lawyer.

The Location

Probably one of the first things that will pop inside your mind, is the location of the lawyer or more specifically your desired law firm! Experts from state that working with local law firms is way better than seeking lawyers who are out of town. It will only complicate things, as you’ll have to meet with them and travel a lot – and you want to avoid that, especially if your disability is not allowing you to be mobile as much. So try to seek out a disability lawyer who is in the same town as you, or at least somewhere near you so you don’t have to do a lot of traveling!


Obviously, having experience is a given characteristic you should look for when hiring a lawyer, especially if it’s in a specific field like working with disabled people! The first thing you should find out about your desired lawyer is if they had worked cases similar to yours, and what was the success rate of them. This can be truly telling of his abilities and knowledge, so you can expect a similar result when it comes to your case. Try to speak to other clients and see what was their experience or look up reviews if the lawyer doesn’t offer their resume. You can easily find those kinds of details if you look for them in the right places!

Being Honest

A good lawyer will always be upfront with everything – no sugar coating! First of all, he needs to be transparent about his fees, so you have a clear image of how much his service will cost. Another important thing is that he doesn’t give you false hope, he needs to be as real as possible with you and explain why certain things might not work, and how other things can work in your favor. You don’t want anyone selling you false stories and fantasies just to take your money and leave you disappointed! Be direct with him about it and ask him to be the same as you!

Having Good Communication Skills

Lawyers need to be on the same page as their clients, but sometimes that’s just not happening! That’s why professionals with soft skills are deemed more valuable and easier to get along with. Communication is extremely important, you want both sides to understand each other and strive for the same goal, and the only way you can do that is by establishing good communication with one another. The client and the lawyer need to trust one another and create a space open for discussion about the case and about the issues that might arise! This is where the soft skills of the lawyer some in, listening, communicating, being empathetic, it can all play a big factor.

Gives Advice

Depending on their past experiences with disabled people, they need to be well aware of the medical documentation you might need in the case. Some cases are rigorous when it comes to medical information, so this might cause problems. You can find yourself in a position where you don’t know if you should go to the doctors and seek more information – which will lead you to spend money or to simply use the documentation you already have. A trusted lawyer can certainly advise you what’s the best thing to do, especially with his prior experience and knowledge.

Answer Questions And Concerns

Paperwork and documentation can be so confusing and anyone who isn’t familiar with the law won’t be able to fully understand certain documentation. That’s why lawyers are there to further elaborate and answer questions about anything that might raise concern in their client. A good lawyer will go above and beyond, even to have another meeting with his client if that is necessary, because he wants to be as clear as possible and help the client know everything that’s going on. If a lawyer is not willing to do so, even during the first time you meet they clearly don’t care enough for their clients and treat them like just another case!

At the end of the day, you just want to work with someone who has lots of experience in this field and who will treat your case with seriousness. At the same time, the behavior of the lawyer needs to be in place, if you truly want to form a trustworthy bond with them, you need the additional clarification. You’ll be at ease if your lawyer is someone you can rely on and talk to!

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