Positives and Negatives of Adopting a Rescue Goldendoodle

Positives and Negatives of Adopting a Rescue Goldendoodle

Are you contemplating if you should adopt a Goldendoodle instead of buying one? Here we have compared the positives and negatives of adoption to help you make the right choice.


Giving a Second Chance:

Unfortunately, people abandon their dogs due to several reasons of their own. It just means to the animal that they have done something wrong that led their owners to get rid of these. These animals are abandoned, lonely, and need a loving home. The sad reality that there are shelters that euthanize dogs that do not get adopted quickly. So basically, by adopting a dog, you could be saving its life. Any dog lover understands the pain of this reality; hence, if you decide on getting a dog, shelter is the best place to look at initially.

They are Mostly Trained:

These dogs have had a different owner earlier, which means they must be house trained and have some basic manners of staying inside the house. Many first-time pet owners cannot deal with a new puppy as house training them can be tricky, and the first few months may exhaust them. Shelters keep mature dogs; hence you will get a dog that does not need you to train it from scratch. Make sure to know more about the dog’s temperament before you adopt it.

Less Expensive:

Designer breed dogs are costly when buying them from a breeder, but the price is far-far lesser when you adopt one from a shelter. If you have budget constraints but your heart is set on a breed that you cannot afford, getting one from a shelter is the best option. Though they may not always have the dog breed you wish to adopt, you will need to be patient and give them your contact details, informing them that you are interested.


Low Availability:

Goldendoodle is a designer breed dog which means not many people adopt it as the other popular breeds, and if they do, they do not abandon it. You may not immediately find this dog in a shelter and may need to be on their waitlist to adopt one. In the meantime, you can also have a look at the other breeds they have; maybe you will fall in love with a dog already in the shelter.

Not Completely Trained:

Many shelters are underfunded; hence the dog may not be fully trained and may need you to give them the needed training. You can always take this as an opportunity to bond with your dog.

Dog’s Past Baggage:

Dogs at the animal shelter have been abandoned by previous owners. This means they may have separation anxiety and insecurity. You may not have the full information about their behavior problem and health issues. The rescue centers will make sure to give you as much information as possible, but there may be surprises. This may challenge you, but your Goldendoodle’s affection will make up for it.

The Bottom Line:

Animal overpopulation leads to euthanization. If you buy a dog from the breeder, you may indirectly be supporting that, especially if the breeder is not ethical. Many Golden doodles do need to be rescued every year; hence consider adopting one over buying it.

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