New Awesome Ideas for Organizing an LGBT Wedding!

New Awesome Ideas for Organizing an LGBT Wedding!

While there’s still a long way to go before equality is achieved, the world has come a long way. Love is love, and everyone deserves to celebrate it, regardless of sexual orientation.

Weddings are both exciting and fraught with emotion. As a member of the LGBT community, those feelings are exacerbated by societal pressure and family dynamics. Here are four awesome ideas for organizing an LGBT wedding.

Embrace the Traditions You Want

Don’t feel pressured to have a non-traditional wedding because you’re a member of the LGBT community. Instead, choose the traditions you want and leave the others behind. If you want to shop for Bridesmaid dresses & wedding dresses | Azazie has plenty to choose from, whether you only need one or if you want two. If you want some religious passages incorporated into your vows, do so.

Many LGBT couples find that the pressure to have a non-traditional wedding rivals the pressure heterosexual couples face for having a traditional wedding. It’s your day: let your wedding be a representation of who you are as a couple.

Find Vendors Who Are Allies

The news is filled with horror stories about vendors who refuse to bake a wedding cake or provide floral arrangements for a same-sex couple. When you start the search for vendors, take time to look for proud allies who not only accept same-sex marriage but are vocal about it.

Another challenge that LGBT couples face when planning a wedding is guest comfort. To clarify, ensuring that other members of the LGBT community are comfortable attending. Having the right vendors creates an inclusive environment for all in attendance.

Don’t let hate-filled people ruin your day. It will be worth your while to know that everyone at your wedding is supportive of your happiness, from the caterer to the officiant.

Make Some Creative Seating Signs

In traditional wedding ceremonies, the bride’s family sits on one side, and the groom’s family sits on another. This approach to seating can get a bit convoluted with same-sex couples.

Many couples have been moving away from the assigned seating tradition and opting for a mixed approach by featuring a “pick a seat, not a side” sign. While this is a simple, gender-neutral option, don’t hesitate to make your sign a little more tongue-in-cheek.

“Pick a seat, not a side, either way, it’s for a bride.” is a fun sign for celebrating two brides. Having arrows pointing opposite ways that read “Groom’s Side” and “Groom’s Side” is another fun way to invite people to mix it up and celebrate the couple’s love together.

Let Your Personalities Shine Through

Traditional gender roles are a thing of the past. Rather than opting for a matching aesthetic, allow your individuality to show through when choosing your attire. After all, in a heterosexual wedding, the groom doesn’t pick out the bride’s dress for her.

This is your time to shine. If two grooms want matching tuxes, great. If one groom opts for a white tux and invokes his inner bride, also great. Two dresses, no dresses, subtle touches, bold statements– it’s all about you.

Planning an LGBT wedding is a special event. In many places in the world, same-sex marriage has only recently become legal, which can add some monumental emotions to the experience. Have fun, embrace your individuality, and let your love shine through.

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