Every Man’s Essential for a Business Trip

Every man's essential for a business trip

Everyone has packing essentials that they can’t travel without, but the list can be a little different for those who tend to take shorter or more frequent trips. It’s important that you are organized, well-rested, connected and comfortable as you travel between time zones. Whether your job requires regular business travel or just the occasional overnight stay, having a list of what to pack will helps save time and minimize stress.

1. Travel Documents

For quick and easy reference, always place airline reservations, hotels and, rental car confirmations in a separate folder. Bookmark the site or flag email confirmations If you have these items on your phone or tablet for quick access. It’s always advisable to have the location, direction, and phone numbers of the hotel you are going to stay.

2. Formal and casual attire

When traveling for business, pick one primary color for your bottoms (black, blue, brown) and stick to it. This consistency eliminates the need for multiple pairs of shoes and belts in different colors. Dark colors are preferred as compared to bright ones, because they don’t show travel wear, tear, and dirt quickly. Solid colors are always a lifesaver when you are traveling. Get a solid color jacket that matches the rest of your wardrobe, especially your bottoms. Accessories for men like ties, watches, and sunglasses come in handy during these trips.

3. A Travel Outfit and Shoes

If your traveling days are long, consider packing a comfortable travel outfit and comfortable shoes for the trip home. Bring at least one to two pairs of shoes and select a style with your primary wardrobe selection. If you are going to walk a lot while on your business trip, choose comfort over style. Always remember to wear the most massive clothes and pack the light ones to minimize your luggage. Remember to pack an umbrella on the outside pocket of your suitcase, for easier access in case it rains.

4. Laptop, cell phone charger, headphones, and office supplies

If you’re taking a flight, make sure your computer or tablet is easily accessible. Don’t forget your power cords and drives. Carry a power bank or portable charger in case you need to charge your phone. Pens, paper clips, sticky pads, and notebooks are essential while attending business trips.

5. Toiletries

These essentials are a must-have for every trip. They include toothpaste, toothbrush, a razor, shampoo, facial cleanser, sunscreen, and antiperspirant deodorant, which are to be packed in a toiletry bag to avoid forgetting.


Wallets are an essential part of every man. It helps to carry small and vital documents such as business cards, ids, visa cards, plane tickets, and money.

You don’t want to overload your suitcase with anything needless, so check itinerary when you plan your wardrobe. If there’ll be a few days off where you won’t have to wear a shirt and tie, don’t bring them for that specific day. Throw a set of lightweight casual clothes such as khaki pants and running shoes instead. Before you travel, always re-check you have everything you need before you leave the house to avoid inconveniences.

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