Margot Kidder, Superman’s First Lois Lane, Dies At 69

The Canadian Actress Died Peacefully In Her Sleep

The Canadian actress who starred Lois Lane with Christopher Reeve in Superman movies between the 70s and 80s passed away at the age of 69.

Kidder’s manager, Camilla Fluxman Pines affirmed that she died peacefully while sleeping this Sunday. Police in Livingston, Montana said in a general statement that the officers went to Kidder’s home, where they found her dead. Very soon they will proceed to perform an autopsy to determine what was the cause of his death.

Superman, where we could see the star for the first time, was directed by Richard Donner and released in 1978. A success for two decades before comic movies became a top at the box office worldwide. The creators of the current films of Marvel and DC claim that Superman was an essential inspiration.

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Margot Kidder, an iconic character

Kidder who starred as reporter Lane was a woman with a bittersweet and sexually adept at playing with Clark Kent. She took her career very personal, since more than once he got into problems that required rescues a bit of Superman clichés, a classic.

Some of the best-known lines of this on-screen star were: “You’ve got me ?! Who’s got you ?! “The first time Lane found her hero, she was in danger in a helicopter rushing from the top of a Metropolis building.

The president of Marvel Studios described this moment, Kevin Feige as: “the best saving of film superheroes in the history of cinema” in the event of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences that honored Donner last year.

This powerful couple had the opportunity to star in three other Superman movies, the fourth and last in 1987. When Reeve died in 2004, she said she wanted her co-star as a brother, both in their affection and their mutual hatred.

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Fighting against adversity

Kidder had difficult times in her life, including a car accident in 1990 that confined her to a wheelchair for most of the two years and worsened the mental illness with which she had struggled for a large part of her life. That fight was made public to everyone in 1996 when she was found dazed and dirty in a courtyard, near a studio where she once filmed parts of Superman.

The actress continued to work despite this illness, appearing briefly in movies and TV shows. “I do not act much unless I’m broke, and then I’m going to take a job,” she told the Detroit radio station with a smile.

She will always be remembered as the unmatched Lois Lane, a character that marked her artistic career. RIP

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