Learn to Manage Data Centers with Cisco CCIE 400-151 Certification Exam

The Cisco 400-151 test, also known as CCIE Data Center Written Exam, will evaluate your skills in managing complex data center infrastructure. It will prove your understanding of the data center components and requirements.

Cisco Hard Drives in Data Center

You will receive yourCisco CCIE Data Center certification after passing both the written exam and the lab test. The duration of the written part is two hours, and it contains from 90 to 110 questions, usually in a multiple-choice format. After taking the written section, you will need to complete the lab exam as well.

The lab test is much more complex and it lasts about eight hours. It will check your ability to configure and diagnose very complex scenarios for a data center. If you pass the written exam but fail the practice lab, next time you will have to take only the lab test. But you need to do this within the 18-month period. After that, you will need to take both parts of the exam again.

The official Cisco website states that the 400-151exam is intended primarily for those who have at least seven years of experience in the area of CCIE Data Center because otherwise, you may find this test overwhelmingly difficult. Basically, this means that if you are a beginner in the IT sphere, attempting to pass this test is not recommended for you.

However, there are no prerequisites for the Cisco 400-151 certification exam. Nevertheless, there are a few limitations for the people residing in the countries that are embargoed by the USA(Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, and Syria). Cisco is an American company, and according to the laws of the United States, the residents of the embargoed countries are not allowed to take exams and receive certification from the US organizations. Please note that you will have to provide a government-issued ID before being allowed to take the test, so if your address on the ID is in any of these restricted countries, you will not be able to receive the certificate.

Although the exam is created by Cisco, you will have to write it at a test center for the company’s partner called Pearson VUE. Once you pass the written section, Cisco recommends that you should wait for at least ten days before scheduling your lab exam.

Exam Topics+ Preparation Books

The certification provider’s website lists the following topics as a part of the 400-151 exam:

  • Data Center L2/L3 Connectivity – the training materials for this topic includes more than 3,500 pages.
  • Data Center Network Services – the study materials for this section are covered more than 2,500 pages.
  • Data Center Storage Networking – this topic content is explained on over 3,000 pages.
  • Data Center Automation and Orchestration – you will need to read more than 1,500 pages to completely cover all its details.
  • Data Center Fabric Infrastructure – this topic requires reading more than 2,000 pages of explanations.
  • Evolving Technologies – another 2,000 pages of training materials.

So, are there more than 14,500 pages of training material for just one certificate? Really?! You need five times less to prepare for the most difficult college exams! Obviously, this is one of the most challenging certification tests you can take in the IT industry. Now, let’s be honest, how many of you have enough time to read through 14,500 pages of study materials? Modern life moves way too fast, and all of us are dealing with work commitments and family demands on a daily basis. With that said, there is just not enough time to learn that much. Cisco should definitely consider reducing the size of the training material they offer for the 400-151 exam. It’s just not practical.

However, apart from the officially recommended materials, you can always find other online courses, e-Books, seminars, and training videos that can help you prepare for the 400-151 exam more quickly, but with the same positive outcome.

By searching for other people’s experiences, we have found many useful books on the Prepare4sure website. It includes a lot of learning materials, and one particular book is based on the questions collected from the previous 400-151 exams, thus providing you with the exact kind of environment you will face during the actual test. In this way, you will have a clear idea about what you can expect from the 400-151 exam. The best thing about this site is that its materials are constantly updated with the most recent questions and answers. You will get free updates for three months after purchasing this guide.

You should also check the e-Book and practice tests available on the PrepAway website. This guide is cheaper than the one found on Testking and contains 246 questions taken from the real 400-151 test. Its authors guarantee a 99.3% pass rate, and it is great. PrepAway Cisco CCIE Data Center 400-151 dumps is an excellent choice for practicing, and the more you practice, the more you will be able to understand the questions that may appear during the Cisco 400-151 exam.

Generally, these two e-Books are the best preparation materials you can get online. We are not sure how the authors of these guides actually collect the questions from the real exams, as the company has a very strict policy that prohibits publishing certification questions online. If you publish the questions from your Cisco exam, you may get banned from taking any tests provided by this company, and all of your certifications will be canceled.

What Are the Benefits of passing Cisco 400-151 Exam?

This certification program is designed to improve your IT skills. Once you get the CCIE Data Center credential, you will definitely find a better job in the IT industry. You will get a better position along with a big pay raise. It is a time-consuming process, but it will definitely pay you off in the long run. Once you get your first high salary just because of holding the CCIE certificate, you will forget all the hard work and efforts you had to put into passing this challenging exam.


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