Kim Kardashian Is Planning On Having A Third Child With Kanye West

But This Might Not Even Be Possible

We all know that Kim Kardashian had always expressed during the show that she wanted her kids to have many siblings, just as she had.  Since a few season, “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” has shown Kim’s difficulties to get pregnant and to give birth.

After much dedication, the West-Kardashian family conceived their first child, North West in 2013. Approximately two years later, they get lucky enough to bring their second son, Saint West. This year, as a surprise for everyone, the celebrity revealed in a promo for next week’s episode her plans to have another baby.

The West-Kardashian crew. Credits: Alo Ceballos.

The West-Kardashian crew is planning to expand.

After the complications of her first pregnancy, the celebrity expressed that she did not want to have more children. Apparently, the experience of motherhood was so gratifying that Kim decided to have a second child two years later but she also presented complications at that time. But now that the socialite wants a third child, the decision of having it can cost the family more than just a few complications.

Kim Kardashian Planning Third Child With Kanye West. Credits: Daily Mail.

Kim and Kanye’s desire to have a big family.

During a promo for next week’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kim revealed that she is planning to have one more baby. However, the reality star revealed that doctors have advised her that another pregnancy might not be “safe” for her. It seems that the celebrity suffers a problem of placental detachment in all her deliveries, so that’s why many doctors have told her that a third party could cause a bleeding that could be mortal.


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She wants the same experiences for her children.

Kanye always wanted to have many children and Kim always wanted her children to have the same experiences and relationships that she has with her siblings. For that reason, Kim Kardashian is considering the option of a rental belly for her third child. Her greatest fear is “Will I love the baby the same? That’s what I think about and it scares me,” confessed the celebrity.


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Source: Daily Mail



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