John Cena Meets a Superfan With Cerebral Palsy And It’s Incredibly Touching

You’ll Definitely Cry With This One

Nothing can beat the love of a parent for their sons. As a father who recently did everything in his hands so his kid with cerebral palsy could meet his idol, John Cena.

Turning Cena’s average match night into an adorable, emotional and unique experience. Not only for him but also for the 12-year-old Payton Marion and his dad Justin. Who now are even bigger Cena fans

Cena Meets Boy With Palsy
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Seeing Cena

“Payton and I have always been very competitive. We would wrestle each other at home and Payton just had to win,” Marion told E! News exclusively. “It started a few years ago when he got too old for cartoons. I introduced him to what I used to watch at his age.” Justin said.

After introducing Payton to the WWE world he became a big Cena fan, since “he always seemed to be the winner. He also loved the moves John Cena would use. There are many things that Payton can’t do because of his disability.”

John Cena
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Tag Team with John

The love and admiration Payton feels for Cena goes beyond the TV screen and the ring. As Payton and Justin use the videos of his fights to exercise and help Payton’s physical therapy, encouraging him especially to use his arms. So when the show of the WWE came to their native Tennessee Justin couldn’t let the chance slip. As Cena had to be reunited with his biggest fan.

“I started looking at ticket pricing and noticed a VIP experience. I saw these tickets were $500 a piece. I knew that wasn’t possible for us to pay that amount at the time, but I had to make this possible. I decided to create a GoFundMe page and see if family and friends would help one of Payton’s dreams come true. Within two days of creating a page and sharing Payton’s dream, we raised $1,000.”

Boy W/Cerebral Palsy And Cena
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Money in the bank match

The money was enough to ensure both, dad and son, tickets for the show and watch Cena. Even though they were there, Justin was nervous as he didn’t know if they would meet Cena for sure. During the match, Cena threw his shirt at Payton, thanks to the help of the people around who made him more noticeable.

“I wasn’t going to let my son be in the same building as his hero and not at least attempt to find him.” So with the help of Cena’s opponent for the night, AJ Styles they ended up in a hallway meeting John Cena, who greet them and immediately recognized Payton from the arena.

Winning the title

“That moment will never compare to anything because it meant so much to me as a dad that Cena took this time with my son after he just wrestled a match and was probably exhausted. As Payton’s dad, I see Payton get let down or saddened by the fact that he misses out on so much in life. He sees so many other kids his age doing things he wishes he could do and he sometimes doesn’t understand.”

“The fact that I could make one of his dreams come true and not let him down was amazing. I literally felt like Superdad. I felt like all the hardship Payton feels on a daily basis was gone. I felt like Payton was a normal kid just getting to experience something he’s passionate about. I want Payton to know he has dreams just like anybody else.” Justin said.

Emotional message

After an incredible experience, Justin had a really important message to John and all of us. “I want to tell him what a blessing he is for not only my son but all special needs kids. He changed my son’s life and we are forever grateful for that time with him. Sometimes I don’t think celebrities feel they make a difference, but he most certainly made everyone in our family a fan of his. I know I would tell him to continue doing what he does and to keep in touch. Continue being that role model for kids everywhere.”

“He can’t wait to cheer [John] on in every match and [he] better win for him,” his dad said. “He also wants [John] to know he would win if he got to wrestle [him].John Cena is a true picture of what all people should represent, Payton is definitely his biggest fan and that won’t ever change.”

John Cena
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