Jewelry- a Piece Of Art Or Affection?

Jewelry- a Piece Of Art Or Affection?

You may not have thought about jewelry like this before. But now that we are here to make you think and if you now wrack your brain cells a bit you will see how very vivid the field of jewelry is. Right from the prehistoric times, you will see the use of beads and cave paintings that depict imagery that suggests ornaments were a significant part of their lifestyle. But did they use ornaments as an aesthetic addition to enhancing personal beauty or did their jewelry have a completely different significance than they have now? Well, it is difficult to assume anything about the beads of the prehistoric era, but we do have some assumptions and comparisons between the jewelry of the past and the present. We are now going to trace the evolution and evaluation of jewelry over the ages. Join us on the journey!

How did the significance of jewelry change over time?

No one is very aware of what exactly jewelry stood for in the prehistoric times. But based on the information we have, we can attempt to draw a comparison and see how jewelry has evolved in its definition over the ages and if it has evolved at all. Here is how we plan to do it.


From the historic times itself, we can see a desire for individuals to adorn themselves with jewelry treating it from an aesthetic point of view. Even though not much is known about the significance of jewelry in their lives, it can be attempted to be understood in a much simpler way. Just like berries hit the gatherer complex of the people, and called for their attention with their color and appearance, jewelry too sought to appeal to the people similarly.


In the contemporary world too, not many things about the role of jewelry in peoples’ lives have changed. They are still used as a means to beautify the self. One added role of jewelry that has now debuted in our lives is that of the art form. Jewelry as an art form is also gaining increasing popularity across the globe. If you are searching for some top-notch rings that go with contemporary fashion then Serli and Sirona Toronto have some amazing collections for you.

What seems to be the need for jewelry?

There are various reasons why jewelry is still very much there in our society and that is more than just its appealing aesthetics. Here is also why jewelry continues to dazzle in our lives.

Personal adornment

One of the major and basic needs of jewelry is personal adornment. It lets you enhance and project your desirable qualities and present them to society. It’s just the natural self-love that attracts us to jewelry that enhances our appearance. Mostly sparkly objects or objects that radiate excellent beauty are what hits us as worthy enough jewelry.

Cultural significance:

Egyptian amulets are one of the best examples of this kind of usage of jewelry. Various cultures have a protocol of wearing a set of jewelry that pertains to some mythological or symbolic significance.

In such cases often the aesthetics of the jewelry pieces get dismissed.

As a part of a belief:

Many stones or rings or other kinds of pieces of jewelry worn in various parts of the body could be a part of a belief too. These beliefs are often superstitious.

Ritualistic significance:

This kind of usage of jewelry more often than not have a traditional background. They often signify a celebration of a kind or some age-old family ritual. The jewelry about this kind of significance is mostly quite elaborate and extravagant and not very practical for everyday purposes.

As a memento:

A gift from your lover or a locket gifted to you by some loved one is always the best that a piece of jewelry can be put to. Jewelry when used as a memento increases thousand times in its value. It no longer remains a lifeless stone or chain, it becomes a gem with a soul.  Serli and Sirona Toronto have some great collection of rings for your loved one.

Different uses of jewelry:

Jewelry has been, can be, and will be exploited in various ways since time immemorial. Here are a few ways in which jewelry can be used. Serli and Sirona Toronto have something to offer to everyone in this respect.

Used in a Utilitarian manner:

As a clothing pin, clasp, or a buckle, jewelry has always given great service to people. Brooches have become fashion statements that are now going to live on forever. Starting from Romans to the Celtics, this usage of jewelry has always been quite predominant amongst and across various races. While the women’s jewelry was based on enhancing the aesthetics of the female body, that of men had a more practical approach.

As a currency or piece of trade:

If viewed from a very technical aspect, jewelry has always been used and is still being used as a mode of trade in the dowries. Shifting to a much more comfortable discussion, seals were a mode of buying items in the olden days. They were again worn by many Romans as a piece of jewelry as well.

As a piece of art:

This is the most modern approach to jewelry. While in the olden days, the jewelry was made to be more extravagant and attractive, the idea has changed a bit in contemporary times. Nowadays, jewelry is made in a way that compliments the artistic side of it and thus appreciates the entirety of the appearance of the individual wearing it.

The birth of jewelry is based on the common and very natural desires of individuals to look good and hence feel good. The significance and usage of jewelry as well as the outlook towards them may have changed a bit, but the primary notion behind them remains the same.

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