Jennifer Aniston Confronts Vanessa Bayer About Her Rachel Impression

This Is The Closest Will Get To Having Rachel Back

During last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Vanessa Bayer was making her usual impression of Rachel from Friends on the “Weekend Update” when suddenly Jennifer Aniston appears on the show.

Aniston asked Bayer to stop doing her impression, she claimed that Friends was gone like “five million and five years ago,” and she needed to get over it.

We know Jennifer, you don’t need to be rude, Friends’s not coming back.


Vanessa Bayer does the most accurate impression of Rachel.

Colin, who’s the host of “Weekend Update” asked Rachel to come to the show since they were talking about the latest 90’s TV shows revivals. The show suddenly turns into a Friends atmosphere and Jennifer showed up.

Jennifer and Vanessa meet again after their new movie.

The two appear in the upcoming movie “Office Christmas Party”. Since the shooting ended, Bayer persistently asked Jennifer for 12 days straight to visit her on the show, after all of the text messages Aniston decided to go “You need to stop texting me”.


Vanessa keeps talking like Rachel even when Jennifer is there.

But Aniston asks her to stop  “Can you just drop that for a second?” she tells Bayer that her bit isn’t really good (It is, believe me).


In her bit of Rachel, Vanessa never finishes her sentences.

Colin: Is it me or you always sound surprised by everything?

Rachel: Oh, What? Yeah, wow… Ok, what?  Yeah, huh.


Aniston agreed to hang out with Vanessa after the show.

Jennifer and Vanessa started talking but Bayer kept making Rachel’s voice, they started to talk at the same time with endless sentences. Aniston kept saying she didn’t sound like that. They both end with an “Oh Ross!” typical of Aniston’s former character.



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