Indoor Water Feature Ideas to Add to Your Home

Whenever you hear of water features, we always think of the outdoors, to add a calming bubbling brook to the lush greenery. But you can also create a relaxing indoor space with a water feature. The ideas are endless and unlimited, from a whole wall to a small table piece. Here are some tips on how to add these features to your home.

Indoor Water Feature Ideas to Add to Your Home

1. A filler for unused floor space

A water feature such as an indoor fountain can be explicitly designed for the area they ought to occupy. A narrow water feature that has bright river rocks add visual interest under a glass staircase with floating steps. It will also serve as an accent to the surrounding space. This indoor water feature under the stairs adds a Zen vibe, in addition to being a decorative architectural feature. Ascending and descending the stairs becomes a beautiful experience, enhanced by viewing the water feature.

2. Indoor accent water wall feature

When adding an indoor water feature, accent water walls are a great idea. They do not consume any floor space, but they are visually appealing and add relaxing bubbling sounds. A wall fountain works well in homes that have natural, rich textures. Elements like green walls and deep woods complement the natural feel of water. A flowing water feature is associated with luxury, so homes with a classy style would benefit significantly from this addition.

Also, you can separate rooms in your house without closing them off entirely by using a transparent surface with running water. Water walls may sound like a lot of work, but there are many resourceful ways of adding one to your home without installing complete waterfalls. A water wall partitions two rooms and creates an artistic look of the room beyond. The semi-transparent wall creates a seamless connection between the two spaces without making them seem boxed in. The feature does not take up any valuable floor space since you take out a part of a wall. It not only adds an element of nature but is also amazing to look at.

3. Indoor-outdoor pool

A narrow pool extending inside the home from the outdoor swimming pool is a great way to show how water can create sharply defined architectural lines. It gives a house a luxurious feel, which is great if you live in a dry region, an indoor pool can add much-needed moisture and humidity to the air. This is not only beneficial for the body but house plants as well since it provides them with the atmospheric moisture they need. Also, you can heat part of the pool, so you enjoy swimming all year round and get that much-needed workout.

4. Subtle window water feature

A water feature does not have to be huge; it can be a small pool with a decorative jug inside it. Position it by the window to allow the pool to catch some natural light; the reflection will bring attention to the fixture. Subtle window water features are an excellent style for homes with limited spaces since you have more floor space. Another way to make your water feature stand out is to add light. Simple lit water jets add style and class to your living space. It is especially great for hallways and entryways, and you can make them fit the space you have.

5. Indoor Pond and Zen Garden

If you love to meditate and have some quiet time in the comfort of your home, a small indoor Japanese pond and Zen garden is an excellent addition to your space. It is a relaxing indoor water feature you can use to connect to nature. This classic home style for creating a Zen style incorporates water features, which can help create peace in areas you did not think are possible, such as the previously unused area beneath the stairs. What beats relaxing and reflecting about life as you listen to the water trickling out of a bamboo shoot?

Deciding to add a water feature to your home must be well thought out because there are several considerations to be made. Being able to bring nature inside offers a relaxing and calm space. Whichever feature you choose to add to your home, it is a guarantee that you will enjoy it, and your home will feel like an architectural masterpiece. It does not have to be high maintenance, choose one that you can put in the space you have, and enjoy the serenity it brings.

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