Five Signs It’s Time to Talk to Someone

Five Signs It’s Time to Talk to Someone

Talking to a therapist is a good option if you’re ready to talk to someone, but what if you can’t afford a therapist or know if you’re really ready?

Fortunately, there are plenty of people you can talk to if you can’t afford traditional therapy. For example, you can try talking to a:

  • Church counselor
  • Counselor at a university community center
  • Online counselor
  • Trusted friend
  • Trusted family member

There are many options when it comes to people you can talk to, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier. It can be hard to talk about your feelings whether you’re talking to a psychologist or your best friend. How do you know if you’re really ready to talk?

You Have Experienced a Devastating Event

If you have experienced a devastating event, you should definitely talk to someone. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a divorce, or a car accident, if you have experienced something that has changed your mood and outlook on life, you should take the time to talk to someone about what happened to you and how it has affected you.

There are other professionals you may want to reach out to if you have experienced a devastating event. For example, if you have been diagnosed with a serious disease, talking to your doctor is a must. If you have experienced sexual assault, you may want to talk to an attorney, but it can also be devastating to be wrongly accused of sexual assault, which also warrants you sharing your story with an attorney.

You’re Having Trouble at Work or School

Both work and school are important. Going to work every day is how you’re able to pay your bills while going to school is important for obtaining your degree. If you’re having trouble with either or both, it can greatly affect the quality of your life today and in the future.

What does trouble at work or school look like? If you are unable to focus on school work and you start doing poorly on tests or you are regularly late to work or submit projects past their due date, you are struggling enough that you should talk to someone.

Your Personal Relationships Are a Struggle

Not only do you experience changes at work and school when you’re struggling with your mental health, but you can also experience changes in your personal relationships.

Mental illness can affect romantic relationships in a variety of ways. Ultimately, it can result in divorce, but along the way, it can result in fighting, avoidance, and discomfort in your own home. Getting your feelings sorted out sooner rather than later is always a good idea.

It’s not just romantic relationships you should be on the lookout for. If you’re struggling with your mental health, relationships with parents, siblings, and friends can also become strained If you don’t have the right support.

Your Physical Health Is Declining

Mental and physical health are often talked about separately, but they are very much intertwined. A bad medical diagnosis can result in mental health challenges, and mental illness can affect your physical health. For example, depression has been associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Your challenges don’t have to be diagnosable either. Even people who report high levels of distress have been found to be 32 percent more likely than the general population to die from cancer.

Struggling with mental challenges can affect your diet and your sleep, both of which can also affect your physical health. If you’re feeling more tired, sorer, and more unwell than usual, you should find someone to talk to.

You Just Want To

One of the biggest signs that you should talk to someone is the fact that you’re wondering if you should talk to someone! Don’t feel like you need to have a diagnosable mental illness in order to get help. Therapy can be extremely helpful for you, even if you aren’t technically depressed or suffering from another mental illness.

Not only can talking to someone help you through a bad time, being open and honest with a therapist or those closest to you is one of the best ways to take care of your mental health before you start experiencing more serious consequences in your life.

Whether you’re wondering if you should bring up your struggles with a friend or you think you could benefit from a therapist—but you aren’t sure—these considerations will help you decide if you’re really ready or not.

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