Have You Considered These Options to Make Money in College?

Have You Considered These Options to Make Money in College?

Studying while making money is something everyone has the zeal for, but very few students have the time and energy for it. There are several advantages to making money while in college. For one, it gives you experience and prepares you for the outside world. It also makes it possible for you to start saving while lowering your dependency on parents and student loans. With a sound financial plan, you can even begin repaying your loan while still in school or apply for loan refinancing with lending institutions such as to shorten your repayment term. Below are five ways you can earn money while in college for more financial freedom.

1. Give the Federal Work-Study Program a go

Through the Federal Work-Study Program, qualifying students to get the chance to secure temporary paying jobs via their colleges and pay for their education using their earnings. Under the program, students are assigned work based on their academic progress, financial need, and course load.

2. Work for Uber or Lyft

Rideshare companies have created millions of job opportunities across the planet over the past couple of years. These jobs are highly flexible and, thus, provide students with the perfect opportunity to earn cash while they are not in class.

That being said, there are requirements that need to be met when signing up to work as a driver for these companies. Uber, for instance, requires all applicants below 23 years to have a minimum driving experience of three years. First-year college students may be locked out of these opportunities, but the option will likely present itself in the latter years.

3. Become a Tutor

Being a tutor can earn you upwards of $30 per hour in many markets. Numerous opportunities are available in colleges, elementary schools, and local high schools, and the vast spectrum of subject areas that can be covered makes the opportunities pretty accommodative.

Tutors are typically not required to have any special training or licensing. All you need is a flyer displaying your subject areas, basic personal details, and geographic range, and you are good to go.

4. Freelance Writing

The internet is chockablock with websites, and each one of them needs new content regularly. If you are a good writer and have a deep understanding of specific subjects and niches, you can earn extra cash ghostwriting for service websites and blogs. You can also sign up for content mills such as UpWork if you need a more flexible and less demanding work schedule.

5. Work for a Local Business

Perhaps the easiest way to secure a job in a college town is by visiting local businesses and seeing if anyone is hiring. Businesses with the best opportunities include restaurants, wholesale distributors, and delivery companies.

The Bottom Line

Work you do while studying doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your dream career. Find something with a good combination of flexibility, good pay, and convenience, and put all the free time to good use. The above suggestions can help you get started.

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