How to Calculate Your Core Numbers and Why You Should

How to Calculate Your Core Numbers and Why You Should
Mohamed Nohassi

Looking after yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually has never been more important. With phones, computers, TV, and news all around us, feeding us information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it can be really hard to turn off and focus on yourself and what is really important in your life. Ensuring that you are in the right space to tackle anything that life can throw at you is super important. To start with you need to eat well. Ensuring that you eat a good mixed diet of fruit and vegetables is important, as is ensuring that you get enough protein, nutrients, and calories on a daily basis. Not getting the right amount of any of these factors can leave you feeling drained, tired, lethargic, unfocused, and mentally out of sync. Where possible try to eat organic fresh food that is free from any unwanted additives and fertilizers. Making a daily and weekly meal plan can help ensure you get meals that are not only fun to eat but are colorful, fresh, and fulfilling your daily dietary requirements.

Now that your balanced diet is in place you need to focus on spirituality. Firstly spirituality might not seem important to you, but when you factor in how connected you are to everything around you, and how much you could get from the wider world, you start to realize just how important spirituality is. Focusing on your mental wellbeing and health is important in your journey through spirituality. A method used to harness your strength is to use core numbers through a spiritual process called Numerology.

What Exactly is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient process that uses your date of birth and name to calculate your core numbers. Matt from state that numerology is part of self-discovery, so it is important to learn from an expert who can guide you through your journey, making it as special and fulfilling as it possibly can be. Knowing your core numbers is super important as they represent several things including your life purpose and your personality number (which is ultimately how others perceive you).

Why Should I Calculate my Core Numbers

Having direction and purpose can provide you with a reason to wake up every morning, it can reignite those long lost passions and desires, so, getting your numbers done can enable you to discover and unleash just what your true potential and purpose within this life is.

When you calculate your core numbers you will be given a life path number, which is a very good representation of your personality. Your life path number will include personality traits, as well as information regarding who you click with, and who you clash with, and who you connect with. A life path number can also help with regards to which types of profession you would be best at doing and which are of course most suited to you. So, the sooner you calculate your core numbers the sooner you can push forward with your life, advance your career if you wish, or maybe even change direction completely.

Now I Have my Core Numbers, What is Next?

After you have uncovered what your life path is through using your core numbers it’s now time to put things into action. Start going for that new job, or focussing more attention on your family and friends. Knowledge really is power, so use the numbers you have been given to your best advantage.  Having your life path number should now give you more focus and direction in life which is great. Now you have that direction, it is time to focus on exercise and keeping in shape. Earlier the importance of a well-balanced diet was discussed and now it’s time to focus on why exercise is important.

Exercise whether strenuous such as a 10km run or more relaxed such as yoga or pilates, is good for your soul, your energy as well as your physical and mental well being.

Keeping all of these aspects spinning together and in tune is essential for living a fulfilled full life, that is low in worries, stress, and anxiety. Doing exercise on a daily basis is a good form of stress release (should you have any). Of course, it would be super beneficial to use your life path number at this stage to establish what type of exercising you would enjoy doing the most. It is of course important to enjoy exercising, as although it has to work your body and strengthen it from the core outwards, at the same time, if there is no fun involved you will literally dread it every day, and this will then start to have an effect and repercussions on your mental health and well being.

Take time to find out what you love doing and incorporate it into your daily routine, to ensure you lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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