Blac Chyna Posted The Most Cryptic Comment About Rob Kardashian

I Can’t Keep Up With All Of This Kardashian Drama.

So Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian broke up again. This time she left him and won’t let Rob see his newborn child. There is a lot of information to process so be prepared. The couple has had its ups and downs since the beginning, they lived in separate houses during Chyna’s pregnancy but everything seemed to be fine until Saturday afternoon.

In the Morning, the mother of two posted pictures cuddling with Dream, her new daughter with Rob and King Kairo, her oldest son with rapper Tyga, but in the afternoon things got really confusing for everyone. She posted a photo on her Instagram account claiming she had been hacked and directing fans to follow an alternative account.


Chyna left Rob without warning.

The hacker was claiming she took both of her kids away from the youngest of the Kardashians and left him alone in his house. She says Rob has mental health issues he needs to solve.


The hacker threatened her of revealing conversations that proved Blac Chyna was cheating on Kardashian.

The conversation with other men including, including rapper Young Thug and Jaden Smith, were true, but there weren’t any sign of infidelity. The hacker posted a conversation with her lawyer discussing her attempt to trademark her presumed married name and conversations with her friend, Treasure.

#BlacChyna 's hacker posted this alleged message between her and her lawyer

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Rob was behind the hack.

The hacker redirected everyone to Rob’s Snapchat account where he showed videos of the empty house claiming Chyna had left him. Then she proceeded to accuse him of being involved in the hack and saying he was verbally abusive to her and says she is “done” with him unless he can get help.


The drama started over Rob’s new car.

Chyna gave him a brand new Range Rover, and in the conversations with her friend Treasure, she complained of how Rob was being rude and was being mean to her for buying him a new car.

Kardashian said he has been upset for days.

He responded with some memes on his account to Chyna’s allegations, implying that Chyna may have left him before Saturday.


Every post has been deleted.

You can see neither Rob’s post nor Chyna’s, even the alternate account was taken down. Chyna posted on her Instagram account a picture promoting her appearance at 1OAK. Rob has been blocked from Chyna’s account.

Of course, people have a lot to say.

We are all curious about what’s actually going on, I mean the posts have been taken down, the videos are hard to find, they have no comments about it. Please let us know.



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